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ABC, eBay Team Up For Reality TV

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ABCABC and eBay have announced plans to team up for the creation of a new reality TV show. Currently dubbed Make It Happen, the show will help families realize their dreams by giving them a chance to place items on eBay where viewers of the show will then be able to bid on them.

The show is expected to have two installments per week. The first one will air on Mondays to allow the families and their aspirations to be announced to viewers. The second show will air on Fridays and will basically be a follow-up to the five days of bidding. The joint venture between ABC, eBay, and Madison Road Entertainment is expected to debut this summer.[ADBLOCKHERE]

Whether or not this title will actually be included in ABC’s overall online plans for day-after Internet viewing remains unclear, but the melding of the online and TV worlds sounds pretty interesting. The show’s concept, too, doesn’t sound half bad.

I’m personally not a huge fan of reality TV (I get a big enough dose through everyday living, thank you very much), but this one sounds strangely compelling. It’s kind of neat to think of bidders being able to step in and help a family help itself, while get something in return for the effort.

We’ll keep you informed about this title and if there are plans to include it in the big ABC online streaming experiment this summer.

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