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ABC and Marc Cherry Vow To Resurrect Desperate Housewives

Many critics and even people within the show itself (Felicity Huffman, James Denton, Mehcad Brooks) admitted that the first season of ABC's darling dramedy Desperate Housewives suffered a dip in the creative department during it's second season –particularly at the beginning. Most say it had a lot to do with the weakness of its central mystery (which is why I'm boggled as to how Woodard landed an Emmy nom, but that's another story) — others say it wasn't as funny and that the storylines became too Melrose Place.

ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson was asked by a reporter Tuesday about the "creative collapse" of the hit show — and he begged to differ that "collapse" was the right choice of word. After all, Desperate Housewives was ABC's most watched series this past season — it must be doing something right to have 22 million viewers coming back every Sunday night. McPherson says the show will get back to its "wicked comedy" that the viewers and critics alike so enjoyed the first season, once the show's third year begins. He says:

"I think everyone including [creator Marc Cherry] admitted that at the beginning of last year we stumbled a little bit, [We] answered so many questions at the end of the first season that he really spent too much time, I think, setting up the mystery, setting up the new arcs, and this year we're going to jump right in."

Due to the departure of Executive Producer Tom Spezialy, the show's creator Marc Cherry will have more creative control this season, and has more of it mapped out, McPherson assures. He goes on to add:

"Marc has, partly because of the responsibility of 100 percent falling on his shoulders, has really stepped up and gotten out ahead of it, and we have seen more arcing of the entire season from a specific story standpoint and soap standpoint than we've ever seen so far."

Desperate Housewives garnered about 22.2 million viewers a week during its second season, off about 6 percent from the 23.7 million it got in 2004-05. Additionally, it was the No. 3 show on TV among adults 18-49, trailing only the two editions of American Idol–hardly a flop.

In regards to the Emmy snubs, McPherson said:

"Who wins the Emmys is one thing, but to have that kind of oversight just, to me, is remarkable, I think for one year [for Lost] to win it and then the next year to not be nominated, for one year one of the Desperate Housewives to win the best actress and then for none of them to be nominated the next year, there's a problem."

Don't even get me started on the unforgivable snub of Marcia Cross.  Well okay, I suppose I could forgive if Elizabeth Perkins walks away with a statue come August.

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  • ZsuZsi Hartman

    Hello to Marc Cherry,
    Please pass this email onto Marc Cherry the Director of Desperate Housewives or the appropriate person to contact.
    I am an Australian artist specialising in theatrical and operatic subjects. One painting in particular titled “femmme fatale which depicts a large nude holding a 3Dimensional gun would look the part on the walls of any of the desperate housewives. There are other paintings in the series which depict high drama so please log onto my website on ZsuZsi Hartman and view them or send me a direct email address so I can send you an image of “Femme Fatale” and others in the series direct.
    Looking forward to your response,
    ZsuZsi Hartman

  • Bill Dallas

    I sure hope we see more of Maya the woman who fired the shot in the supermarket to take out Laurie Mecaff. That is Kathleen Gati from the TV show 24. She is soo elegant.
    Marc…. bring her back!

  • alicebrowne

    Marc, I cannot tell you how much of a genius i think you are! You are truly amazing and hve brought the nation an amazingly captivated drama. “Desperate Housewives” is the best show ever. Me and my friends never miss it. At school that’s all e talk about. Keep up the good work. I live in England but i can’t tell you how much i want to be on your show. I would love to work with the cast and crew of such an excellent success that is “Desperate Housewives”. I really hope to be on your show someday. If it doesn’t work out then i’ll just keeps on dreaming!
    Yours Sincereley Alice Browne, the show’s biggest fan x

  • sugababe

    how yall doin

  • Henry Bukoff

    I wonder if Marc is aware of the terrible job of enclosed captioning which accompanies Desperate Housewives.
    The captions fall two or three scenes behind, then skip some dialogue when catching up.
    For those like myself with hearing problems, it is extremely frustrating.
    This happens on EVERY presentation of the program.

  • Patti Loomans

    I believe I am your biggest fan since desperate housewives started in 2004. There has not been a season that I was disappointed with. Until season 5. It is not that I was disappointed with it but story line between mike susan and katherine was so out of character for mike and susan. They each staetd that they were the love of each other lives and were so happy when they had a child together. And so a hardship enters their lifes and they split up and got a divorce. Where was the love and commitment at this time. After a few episodes they again started spending some time together with MJ who wanted his mon and dad together as a family. Shortly after mike starts spending time with Katherine. Katherine is everying mike dislike, lying, keeping secrets, not giving messages to Mike from Susan. She definitely fills the shoes of Edie Brit, lying and doing whatever it takes to keep mike. It has been very apparent that mike and susan still loved each other espicially when he leaves her at the airport and runs to save MJ and Susan. Finally the end of the finale brings all of them back together and then susan and mike share a very passionate kiss that I believe would only be shared by two people who definitely love each other and a very happy MJ to be with both his parents who truly love each other. The wedding two months later does not show who mike married but it sured seemed to be Susan who finally got her “perfect” wedding that she did not get five years ago with the love of her life. If this is Katherine why would they wait two months and the minister who married mike and susan the first time shows up for this wedding. Ktherine would make the perfect diva to replace Edie. There are so many fans who want mike and Susan back together because the chemistry and love they share is like no other. I will have a hard time returning for the sixth season if mike and susan are not back together. We all know that Katherine knows mike still loves Susan. I and so many others are so hoping that this is what happens and the viewers are what keeps the show alive.

  • Barbra

    Please see that Marc Cherry receives this E Mail:
    Dear Marc,
    Next season please add Donna Mills to the cast of Desperate Housevives. Have her make her debut to Wisteria Lane as a coniving,greedy, ruthless man stealer, and give her heavy interactions with Brtee & Gaby.