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ABBA reunion denied

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No matter how much some of us might beg and plead, ABBA is standing firm on their decision to stay apart. It’s refreshing to see some people refuse the temptation of money. Although, I have to say that for the sum that is being discussed (2 Billion dollars!?!), I’d probably dress up like Little Bo Peep, sing Verdi’s Requiem while dancing the Charleston. And be happy at it. Is that selling out? You’re damn skippy it is.

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  • Sandra Smallson

    It’s all Agnetha’s fault. The other three are ready to roll. I love Abba. They first came to notice with Waterloo at the Eurovisiob song contest. They were criticised just as much as the Pop Idol people are being criticised. Didn’t matter that they played their instruments. It was pop, so it was fluff. Yet, 30 yrs plus down the line, their records are shifting as fast as ever and the minute an Abba song is played on a night out, the dance floor fills up.

    They truly are one of the few who knew how to sing classic pop songs, and they were never confused by this hybrid of pop/hip-hop..pop/rock..t’was good old pure pop. I would pay quite a pretty penny for an Abba reunion tour.

    If you haven’t seen the play Mamma Mia based on their songs, you need to go see it. It’s been one of the longest running shows in the West end. I’m not sure if it’s hit Broadway yet.

  • Tyler Wagner

    Please tell me who’s offering ABBA $2 billion? And when was the offer made? My real question is this “Did the Swedish pop group ABBA recently turn down an offer of $2 billion to reunite?” I keep hearing only $1 billion (ha…as if it’s not a lot). A case for ABBA: what good is a billion dollars when you already have multiples of that? They don’t need it, why should they work, and risk ruining their already prestine reputation in doing a possibly bad reunion tour? They were good…before I was born. But can they still do it? Why take the chance of breaking the hearts of millions of already aging fans. It’s like a former boxing champ trying to return to the ring after years of beer-drinking and laziness. It’s not plausible.
    Then again, even a billion dollars is enough to feed at the very least a third world country for a day. Save the world… take the money, ABBA.