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A Video Conversation with New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

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In this exclusive interview, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly sits down with LX.TV to share some intimate details about his job, the state of police affairs in New York and gives George Oliphant some insight into his soul. Take a look at the time codes below for Commissioner Kelly’s answers to our questions on:

  • 0:14: The Yankees or Mets
  • 0:48: The crackdown on W27th Street — the hotbed issue of nightclubs and the plans to deter the arising problems
  • 2:15: Post 9/11 maneuvering — the quick footwork of police forces that helps protect New York against terrorist attacks
  • 3:50: His reputation for being tough on crime
  • 5:37: Racial relations and the nature of police business
  • 6:15: The Sean Bell shooting — what forced the NYPD to take a probing look at internal problems
  • 7:51: The undercover operations initiatives being set in motion as a result
  • 9:42: Working for the CEO — Mayor Bloomberg’s business-like approach to the police force
  • 10:50: The NYPD and DC — New York has the best counterterrorism efforts, but what kind of help are we getting from the Feds
  • 15:31: The good and the bad that comes with the job
  • 17:23: His greatest personal fear after years of police work
  • 18:07: The best part of the job and Teddy Roosevelt’s contribution

Or you could just watch the whole video.

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