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A Town In Ontario

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I was listening to As It Happens and they had a piece about what to name water from Toronto, they played a song by the Leslie Spit Treeo. And I started thinking about bands who were either from a city and about a city (and putting Don Cherry on tape delay don’t count, eh, since only the cops use Cherry Beach).

So, we’ve got Toronto, we’ve got the Leslie Spit Treeo, we’ve got Michael Jordana and The Poles (“CN Tower”), we’ve got Rush (“Spirit of Radio” is about a local radio station, since when did a song about a radio station matter?). We’ve got the theme song to The King of Kensington, we’ve got Martha and the Muffins (“Echo Beach”, it’s about a beach not a metaphor, silly, they even put the map on the album cover), we’ve even got “You Oughta Know” (if you’re going to give head in a theatre, it has to be Toronto because we are the name for good head — what, you want to boast about how lousy your oral skills are?). So, musically we rule.

And don’t start about Ian Hunter and “Cleveland Rocks”. First off, he’s a limey, the song wasn’t recorded there, and the lyrics are somewhat about how the place kinda sucks.

So musically, we’re a great place on a great lake, and we have great music.

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  • BB

    Don’t forget the Kings “Switching to Glide” produced by TO’s own Bob Ezrin who also produced Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Poco, Kiss, Peter Gabriel, etc., etc. And, a little known fact that Alan Parsons received his music education at the University of TO. And…

  • JR

    Don’t forget Gil Evans.