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A Television Viewer’s Diary for 3/26-4/1: Lost

Welcome, one and all. This week featured a wildly varied mix of the good and the bad. I seriously need to cut back. I have trimmed a few shows, but there is still too much crowding my plate. I should start using these lists to whittle it down to the cream of the crop.

Best show I watched this week: Lost
Worst show I watched this week: SS Doomtrooper

[ADBLOCKHERE]Sunday 3/26.

  • Malcolm in the Middle (Fox 7pm). The final season slogs onward. Bryan Cranston remains the only reason to watch the show. This week has Cranston’s Hal breaking a tooth during a poker match; this event erupts into a war. One of the poker mates was a dentist who said he would take care of it, and then hits him with a bill. Cranston’s over-the-top reactions and goofy demeanor carry the whole thing off. Meanwhile, Lois is learning how to ride a bike from Reese, and Dewey and Malcolm find a new mattress, and fall in love with it. To that I say, who cares. The series has really taken a slide from the early days.
  • King of the Hill (Fox 7:30). I am not a fan of this series, although there are elements that I like about it. This episode did not focus on those elements. It was a Kahn-centric story of a get rich quick scheme that sees him take control of a carwash while his ego grows out of control. He partners with Strickland propane, which transfers Hank to his facility. Not very funny, I should probably save 30 minutes and skip this show.
  • The Simpsons (Fox 8pm). Ricky Gervais wrote and is an animated guest star in this episode, which has Homer desiring a plasma television of his own, after seeing one at his friend’s homes. In order to get the money, Homer signs them up for a wife swap reality show which has Marge swap with a straight laced woman who conflicts, of course, with Homer’s mannerisms. Again, not very funny. This series has been on a slide for years, and to think it has been signed for 2 more years.
  • Family Guy (Fox 9pm). This series is hilarious, pushing the limits a little further all the time, not always succeeding. This episode puts a scare into Peter, as Lois may be pregnant. When that proves to be a non-fear, the talk of a vasectomy comes up, with a barbershop quartet there to sing about the process. Before he can do it, he pays a visit to a sperm bank to make a deposit; of course this leads to problems. The result of his deposit is the emergence of Bertram, an anti-Stewie, if you will, who made his first appearance in season one when Stewie was miniaturized and inside Peter. Then there is the problem of Peter not wanting to sleep with Lois, and her turning to food. Funny, crude, and totally random. I love this series.
  • Free Ride (9:30). I cannot see this lasting very long. It is over the top, dumb, stupid, annoying, and whatever else you want to call it. The main kid is living at home after graduating college, but apparently has not learned any common sense at all; there isn’t even any hint as to what he went to college for. I don’t know why I bother.

Monday 3/27.

  • WWE: Monday Night Raw (USA 9pm). The last Raw hype show before Wrestlemania next Sunday. Pretty good show. It opens with the final confrontation between Edge and Mick Foley, who will meet in a hardcore match. Foley shows just how crazy he has been getting, and Edge may not be ready for it. Carlito and Chris Masters set up Kane and lock him in a room, of course they did not realize the room they used had a backdoor. Flair and Shelton Benjamin argue about their part of the Money in the Bank match, which RVD interrupts. Trish teams with Torrie Wilson to take on Victoria and Candace Michelle, fun women’s match, which also features the worst blown spot of the night. The show capper has John Cena taking on Vince McMahon, with Triple H and HBK handcuffed to the ropes, the whole thing is a setup as Triple H gets out and makes use of his trusty sledgehammer. Match of the night honors go to HBK and Triple H who put on a good match around midshow.
  • Prison Break (Fox 8pm). It is nice to have this back on TV after such a long absence. The time has come; Linc is in the chair, strapped in, just moments before the switch is thrown. Fate steps in as they get the call to stop the execution, new evidence has been revealed. This is good news for Michael, more time to plan the escape. Or course, the other guys are a bit antsy. The series is full of close calls and unrealistic situations, but does a great job of building tension and building a believable internal continuity. The kicker this week, while scooping out a route, he gets burned. This effectively erases a good chunk of his tattoo map. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.
  • 24 (Fox 9pm). The non-stop series keeps on rolling. Jack begins his interrogation of Audrey, who was fingered as an accomplice, then a link is revealed between him and the traitor, Cummings. This winds up being a red herring to throw him off the scent. Bierko, meanwhile is at a natural gas plant, trying to release the gas. Back at CTU, Jack discovers the deception and sets out to find the gas. A new analyst is brought up to replace Edgar, and she just may be the greatest gesture reader of all-time. The episode closes when Jack and his team get to the plant, only to have Jack blow the plant up and get caught while pursuing Bierko. This show just keeps getting better. Kiefer has created one the greatest television characters ever.

Tuesday 3/28.

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  • Scott Butki

    Wow. How many hours, on average, do you actually spend watching tv?

  • Chris Beaumont

    To be honest, I’m not sure I want to know! I’ll just leave it at “too many!”

  • Brent

    Just for the record, on your “Doctor Who” write up, he’s “The Doctor” not “Who”. There’s only one episode (in 1966 I think) that actually referred to The Doctor as Doctor Who. The title came from a question in the first episode in 1963 where one character, finding out that The Doctor’s name isn’t what they’ve been led to believe it is muses “Doctor…who?”

    Does this make me sound geeky?

  • Steve

    Well, out of that whole bunch, I’ve only ever seen “Doctor Who” and “24″, and I’m doubting whether I’ll even be watching those in future.