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A Television Viewer’s Diary: 7/31-8/6

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I need to apologize in advance, this week’s edition was a rushed job done very late, much later than it should have, but I wanted to get something up for my faithful (hehe) readers. As always, it is a rather free form, stream of consciousness affair. I have also retitled it to “A Television Viewer’s Diary.” It is shorter and fits a bit better, I hope you like it.

Sunday 7/31.

  • Wanted. The latest in a long line of gritty crime dramas seems to be trying too hard. I will give it another chance, but it just seemed like they were overreaching with the camera moves and effects, and the leader with the less than perfect home life. We’ll see what happens. **
  • The 4400. Interesting take on the abductees, as one of the returners is found to be a Rwandan war criminal who can eliminate birth defects, which at the same time are killing him. This sets up an interesting dilemma as to what to do with him. ***
  • The Dead Zone. Not as good as last week, this one has Johnny, essentially, kidnapping a child from the scene of an accident to look for his father and getting mixed up in an illegal immigrant ring. I liked it but it didn’t make much of an impact. **

Monday 8/1.

  • WWE: Raw. Nothing major here. Eugene faced off with past wrestler, Tatanka. Rob Conway debuts his new gimmick, which looks like a gay biker. The biggest thing would have to have been Vince McMahon’s announcement that he signed Matt Hardy to a contract. There was also a very funny spook by HBK of Hogan being on Larry King. The main event had Cena defeating Carlito in a title match with Jericho as the referee. **.5
  • The Closer. A number of attacks escalate to murder in the gay community, but are they hate crimes? Brenda is investigating, but also has roadblocks within her own team which nearly blows the investigation. As it turns out it was a gay on gay crime, which put a nice twist on the gay bashing type themed episode. ***

Tuesday 8/2.

  • Rescue Me. Still one of the best shows week in and week out. Franco goes to rehab, Tommy deals more with his addictions, including his visions of Jesus. Jerry is dealing with his gay son and his partner. Tommy also meets his half sister. ***.5
  • Reno 911. Much like last week, this was funny, but faded into the background and details have receded from my memory….
  • Stella. The guys decide to go out and meet some girls, Michael and Michael find girls and proceed to have a life with them, in typical bizarre fashion. David, on the other hand, strikes out and ends up with a new group of friends. I love how this show just makes absolutely no sense, there is no logic involved. ***

Wednesday 8/3.

  • Miami Ink. Again, I am not a reality fan, but it is interesting to see the tattoo work being done and the reasons for the work. This week has a couple of people getting tributes to deceased friends, another couple getting tattoos to possibly save a relationship, and a rock band coming in to get work together. The tattoo work is incredible. ***
  • Mindfreak. Criss Angel continues his quest to do strange and disturbing things that make his family cry. This time he is flown around by helicopter hanging by hooks in his back. Eh, I find him to be pompous and a little dull. **
  • Over There. Even better than the premiere, this episode focused on the group doing guard duty and what they have to face on a daily basis. Cars coming through at night with no headlights, not knowing how they should react, powerful. Then there is the story of the soldier who lost his leg in a bombing during the first episode and trying to come to terms with that loss. ***.5

Thursday 8/4.

  • WWE: Smackdown. In order to keep up with Raw’s interview segments, we get a new one here hosted by none other than Christian, called the Peep Show. Not much here, most of the show played up chapter 2 of Eddie’s secret fatherhood of Rey’s son. As far as actual wrestling goes match of the night goes to Rey Mysterio and Christian, who put on a pretty good show. **.5
  • Starve.This was pretty funny, focusing on a group of people with eating disorders and a form of alternative therapy dead set on correcting the problems. ***
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Not sure if I like this yet, it seems to through in “controversy” merely for shock value. I will give it another week and see if any characters emerge from this concoction. **

Friday 8/5.

  • Monk. This is a great series, funny, touching, and dramatic all at once. This episode has Monk going to an inn in wine country where he used to go with his wife. This peaceful escape only leads to another mystery when a man with a false name shows up and Monk is the only guy to see him. ***
  • Stargate SG-1. A wrinkle is thrown in when Vala goes to leave and Jackson collapses. It turns out that the bracelets they used earlier have altered their genetics and have joined them together. The attempt to correct this leads them on a path to right some of Vala’s past indiscretions. This is a rather comical episode, I liked it, but it did seem a bit lightweight. ***
  • Stargate Atlantis. Dang technology, my cable box got turned off and I didn’t get this episode.
  • Battlestar Galactica. It continues it’s run as one of the best shows on TV. Boomer and Starbuck get some more screen time this week. Starbuck joining up with a band of survivors on Caprica and Boomer in the brig with Chief as known/suspected Cylons. Meanwhile, Apollo helps the President escape to attempt to gain support against Tigh and his military rule. Tigh realizes he is in over his head, just as Adama wakes up. ***.5

Saturday 8/6.

  • Tidal Wave! Rather pathetic movie made back in 1996. It stars Bruce Campbell and Ernie Hudson as tornado chasers in Texas petitioning the government to keep the program going. There isn’t enough to comment on, really. There is no real antagonist, and the protagonists were rather dull. Although, I always enjoy some good Campbell cheese. *

End. Transmission.

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  • Chris, I agree with your Tuesday and Wednesday Fx-fest. Rescure Me and Over There are wonderful, gritty, and – most importantly – feel real. I recently read somewhere that Fx – with shows like these two and Nip/Tuck abd The Shield – were completly hosed by the Emmy nominating committee. I agree. Fx is the only network really taking risks and making some truly unique and entertainingly dark comedies/drama.

    Thanks for the insights and the reviews.



  • Nip/Tuck and The Shield are two shows that I have not been able to get into. I’ve tried, but something isn’t clicking with me. But yeah, there did seem to be a lockout on some of these shows, but Rescue Me does have a couple noms I believe.

  • FX might be my favorite non-premiere network right now on the strength of Rescue Me alone. The Shield is pretty great, Chris — but the dialogue files by and there are many sub-plots, so it might help to go back to the beginning and check out Season One. It’s worth it, though. I agree on Nip/Tuck — just doesn’t do it for me, I think.

    Man, I’d like to check out Tidal Wave for about five minutes.

    Great job as always, Chris!

  • reggie

    Nip/Tuck and Shield are my fav shows on tv.
    About nip tuck…did anypne see yesterdays?!?!
    If you saw how it ended, you’d love the show FOREVER!