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A Television Viewer’s Diary: 10/9-10/15: Veronica Mars

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WARNING: The free form ramblings continue, be prepared for run-ons, incomplete thoughts, and atrocious punctuations. This is what happens to a mind on TV, it’s not pretty, but kind of fun.

Best show I watched this week: Veronica Mars
Worst show I watched this week: Medium

Sunday 9/25.

  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC 9pm). Corbin Bernsen guest stars. A woman who disappeared with an ex-con 10 years earlier, reappears. She had been believed to have been kidnapped, but insists she left on her own. Her husband was the con’s warden, he also is found beaten and hung up on a fence. This was decent, although it is my lease favorite of the L&O franchise. ***
  • Crossing Jordan (NBC 10pm). A story ripped right from season 2 or 3 (?) of ER, Clooney, er, Jordan finds herself trying to save a couple of boys from drowning in a tunnel that is quickly filling with water. Will the rest of the ER, er, morgue crew find her in time? **
  • Desperate Housewives (ABC 9pm). This week was better than last week. Susan is dealing with Edie dating her ex and stealing her daughter. Lynette has a boss from hell. Bree is accused of murder due to a meddling mother in law. All while Gaby has another confrontation with her husband. ***
  • Grey’s Anatomy (ABC 10pm). This was a good episode. It features Meredith’s mother arriving in the hospital, letting loose her secret. This leads to some amusing scenes with various cast members. Cristina’s secret pregnancy also comes out during a complication while performing surgery. ***

Monday 9/26.

  • WWE: Monday Night Raw (USA 9pm). The show opened with a recap of Stone Cold Steve Austin stunning the whole McMahon family last week. After the opening Stephanie came down to complain about Austin and the fans not liking her. She then took one of the crew to task for signaling her to wrap it up, so she went and slapped him, then took on Lillian Garcia and a cameraman.The first match featured the return of Doink the Clown taking on Rob Conway. Doink led the crowd in boos for Conway, but it ended up not being enough as Conway took the match. He then went on to trash the WWE legends. Eugene ran down to Doink’s aid and got beat down himself. This is followed by a recap of Triple H’s return and subsequent beating of Ric Flair. Next up, Carlito’s Cabana, he wants to talk about the number one contender for the title. This prompts Kurt Angle to come down, shortly to be followed by Shawn Michaels, and then Big Show. Not to be left out, Edge comes down with his money in the bank briefcase, and Lita. To help settle things John Cena arrived on the scene, giving a little rhyme on each potential contender. This allows the main event to be announced: Angle, Carlito, Edge vs. Big Show, HBK, Cena. Chris Masters has his entrance interrupted by Tajiri, but the match doesn’t last long as Masters locks in the MasterLock for the win. Triple H arrives to a row of disapproving faces, including a threat from Big Show, and a nice confrontation between Triple H and Cena.Triple H comes to the ring and talks trash on Flair and the fans. Next is a women’s title match between Trish Stratus and Victoria, and it is a good match that sees Trish retain. Victoria attacks after the match, but Ashley comes down for the save, but that doesn’t work. A new woman shows up and beats Victoria down.Now comes the previously announced 6 man tag, Cena and Edge start. The match was OK, it finished with Angle getting the pin on the champ, Cena. To close the show we get Vince giving a speech and firing. First he took the crowd to task. Next was the announce team, this ended up in Linda’s arrival and subsequent firing of JR. Then the show ends.
  • Surface (NBC 8pm). Laura and Jackson head out on the water to track one of the giant creatures, and get a little close for comfort. Nimrod gets a bigger home, while the boys are tricked into thinking the popular girl likes them. ***
  • Las Vegas (NBC 9pm). They finally convince the old woman living on the golf course to sell her home, then discover why she never wanted to sell! She had committed a murder 60 years ago and the body was there. Meanwhile, Ed has to get Delinda back to the Monticito to open the night club. ***
  • Medium (NBC 10pm). Allison starts sleepwalking and losing chunks of time from the day. Plus she keeps looking for 15 million dollars while asleep. A kidnapped boy may be at the center of it. It’s not a bad show, but I am quickly losing interest. **

Tuesday 9/20.

  • My Name is Earl (NBC 9pm). This is one of the best new shows on TV. Earl has to deal with an ex that he faked his death rather than break up with. That causes complications due to her low self esteem, clingy nature. Earl has to be his old self in order to get her confidence. ***.5
  • The Office (NBC 9:30). What do you do during a fire drill? Let’s play “Desert Island”! Jim has a new girlfriend, Michael tries to learn Ryan some real good lessons, and Dwight, well, Dwight just feels lonely. ***.5
  • Supernatural (WB 9pm). A girl’s slumber party prank results in one of the girls’ fathers gets killed by Bloody Mary. Soon thereafter, other deaths start popping up. Fortunately the brothers arrive just in time to help track down the vengeful witch. ***
  • Close to Home (CBS 10pm). A college student is kidnapped, and Annabeth decides to give up a confession in the hopes of finding the girl still alive. The show was OK, but felt awfully generic in this crowded genre. **.5
  • Law & Order: SVU (NBC 10pm). Last week it was Benson, this week Stabler gets to go it mostly alone. A boy beats up a girl in a ‘roid rage, but his father is the one applying pressure, and when he hits his son, Stabler snaps and nearly kills him. This was a good episode, I like the characters that have developed on this show. ***

Wednesday 9/21.

  • Lost (ABC 9pm). Hurley has been charged with taking inventory of the food, a job that he does not relish. Charlie is trying to find out what he can about the contents of the hatch, which Locke is more than willing to provide it. Claire finds messages sent from the raft, which she gives to Sun. Sawyer and gang find out more about their captors and their origin on the plane. ****
  • Invasion (ABC 10pm). While checking out a research facility, it is discovered that a virus has been set loose that is tied to a group of baboons which had escaped. What does this have to do with the aliens? Methinks strangeness is afoot. ***
  • Veronica Mars (UPN 9pm). Veronica is a suspect in a murder case when a man washes ashore with her name written on his hand. She learns that the bus crash was meant for her, the dead man having been an associate with Aaron Echolls. Meanwhile, she is also looking into a cheating trophy wife, who, besides being a part of shady deals, is sleeping with Logan. ****
  • Law & Order (NBC 10pm). Ripped from the headlines. On the day a feeding tube is to be removed, the husband is killed with a car bomb that may have been ordered by a pro-life reverend. This was a good episode, but I am still left a little cold by Farina. ***

Thursday 9/22.

  • Smallville (WB 8pm). A whiz kid is determined to get rid of the meteor freaks by destroying Smallville. Along the way, Chloe is kidnapped and Clark is shot. While they race to stop the missile, Clark is returned to the Fortress of Solitude and Jor-El, in the guise of Lionel, gives him his powers back. Next week: Aquaman! ***.5
  • Alias (ABC 8pm). While tracking Dean, Syd and Thomas uncover an agent who isn’t what she thinks she is. Her name is Rachel, and she has a lot in common with Syd. It is like her time with SD-6 all over again. ***.5
  • Night Stalker (ABC 9pm). College murders are confusing Kolchak. It seems that a secret society is initiating new members, the only problem is the location that is chosen has a dark past that is having an effect on the current situation. This show is decent, I don’t really care for Gabrielle Union on the show. **.5
  • CSI (CBS 9pm). A murder leads Grissom and crew to discovering a cult. All of them dead from having drunk a poison concoction. Much like the Hale Bopp crew from the 90’s. We also get to meet Warrick’s new wife. ***
  • ER (NBC 10pm). Incessant rainstorms flood the ER with a load of problems. A state of combat still exists with the new nurse manager. Neela has trouble dealing with a potentially suicidally depressed mother. ***

Friday 9/23.

  • Ghost Whisperer (CBS 8pm). A young woman attempts suicide to be with her deceased fiancée (played by Serenity‘s Sean Maher). Melinda has to help him crossover, but he wants to see who got his donated heart first. Not an easy task, as the recipient is not a terribly personable fella. ***
  • Threshold (CBS 9pm). A DJ in Florida unleashes the signal at a party unleashing hundreds of potentially infected people upon the world. The crew heads down to stave off the spread, posing as Homeland Security. The signal came from an answering machine recording. Where will it spread next? ***
  • WWE: Friday Night Smackdown (UPN 8pm). The show opens with the Ortons giving a promo about taking out the Undertaker. This prompted Eddie to come down, followed by Batista. This makes the main event Eddie vs Randy. Then came another Jordan vs Benoit, boring. An 8 man tag is next with LOD and the Mexicools taking on MNM and Regal/Burchill. Psicosis gets the win, but the celebration is cut short by a new debuting Tag team. There is another debut tonight, int he form of The Boogeyman, he gave an insane promo, still not sure what to think. The main event was OK with Eddie and Randy. ***

Saturday 9/24.

  • Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis (Sci-Fi 7pm).
  • Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (Sci-Fi 9pm).
  • A pair of sequels, 12 years after the last entry, are they worthy? Not really. Are they fun in a cheeseball way? Sure. The only continuity these two films have is with each other, the rest be damned. More gore is shown than I would have expected. Zombies move about with their overriding quest to eat brains. What else do you need? ***

To be dropped from the “To Watch” list:

  • Close to Home
  • Medium

Shows on the bubble:

That is all for this week.

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  • hell’s bells! i didn’t know those return of the living dead sequels were headed straight for telly! i gotta see what’s to be seen, where a man might find these items. those are the numbers shot around Chernobyl, as i recall, and by the fella who did Eight Legged Freaks, no less. which i still consider a wonderous piece of motion pictural art.

  • Duke,
    Me and Matt P did full reviews HERE.

  • The Office and Earl are my favorite hour of comedy right now. Arrested Development and Extras are the only shows in the same neighborhood.

  • The Office and Earl are my favorite hour of comedy right now. Arrested Development and Extras are the only shows in the same neighborhood.

  • chris, just saw the reviews! i’m a bit dissapointed that they were Sci-Fi originals, i gotta say. i was hopin for greatness. ah well.
    Eric, i recently saw My Name Is Earl, it was great! and i’m guessin Extras has made it’s way cross the pond then. my opinion on it was that the first episode (the stiller one) was fucking diabolical. as it went on, i think it improved no end. the episode with Les Dennis (who probably means next to nothing in the US) is most likely the pinnacle of it all.

  • Haven’t seen Extras yet, that’s on HBO right?

    Earl and the Office are a great pairing, as is Arrested and Kitchen Confidential, although Kitchen is the weakest of the four.

  • Leo

    I dont know about you guys but, I cant seem to get enough of Columbo reruns I never knew that show was so good and entertaining. Its way better than any other cop or detective drama show that is on today, example, CSI, Law & Order, NYPD Blue, or 24 I dont know in my opinion Columbo might be the greatest cop show ever made.