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A Teen on the Gloucester High School Pregnancy Pact

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It’s funny. I thought the stupidest teenagers in the world were at my school, but in actuality, it turns out the stupidest teenagers belong to Gloucester High School in Massachusetts. In case you live under a rock, the basic story is that 17 high school girls (none over 16-years-old) mysteriously got pregnant at the same time. The pregnancy rate quadrupled from the year before.

Now, one of the fathers of the babies is a 24-year-old homeless man. The school principal said that the girls acted upset when they found out they weren’t pregnant. Officials are declaring that there was a pact among the girls to get pregnant and raise kids together, but the girls deny this.

As I sit and contemplate the stupidity of some people, I believe there had to be some pact. Other than simply thinking that the girls are full of crap, here’s the reason why I believe there was a pact:

I know teenagers. I am a teenager. At my school in Southern California, there were no reports of pregnant teens in 7th-12th grade with the exception of a rumor that there were two pregnant teenagers in 8th grade. I don’t know if that was true. I don’t really understand the 8th graders anyway. Under this reasoning, why does this particular school have a rise in pregnancy?

So, now the question is, whose fault is it? The primary culprits are the teenagers, the media, the parents, and the school. Okay, the majority of the blame goes to the kids. I mean, come on, if you can’t handle putting on a condom or taking a pill, then you shouldn’t be having sex. It’s as simple as that. I highly doubt that all 17 girls had a broken condom. The odds of that are about as likely as Elvis being alive. That would be pretty cool, though.

It scares me to think what their parents are like. I mean, come on, how could any couple let their baby daughter screw up like this. I don’t really want to call them bad parents, because that’s a bit harsh, but I’m just not going to finish this thought. I’m not going to judge them.

Some people are blaming the school. I don’t really see much logic in that. It’s not the school’s fault that the girls are getting knocked up. My school doesn’t do any of that safe sex stuff and, frankly, if they did, nobody would listen. Teenagers don’t listen to the school. Are you kidding? You’d be lucky if the seniors showed up.

The media is also being blamed. With movies like Juno and actresses like Jamie Lynn Spears, teens are getting mixed messages. Juno was the worst movie I saw in theaters in a long time (and yes, I’m aware that I’m the only one who thinks that), and Jamie Lynn is my least favorite actress of all time. However, I do not believe that it is right to blame the media. It is one thing to send a message. It is another to listen to it.

Regardless of who’s to blame, these kids are stupid. They have wrecked their lives (and I know babies are a blessing, so I’ve heard, but not at this age.) And for what? To raise babies with friends? Who cares? I just want to point out that there are responsible teenagers in the world. And right now, I’m so disgusted and ashamed that someone my age can be so stupid – whether intentional or not.

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  • Jordan Richardson

    Juno was the worst movie I saw in theaters in a long time (and yes, I’m aware that I’m the only one who thinks that)

    You’re not. I hated it too.

    Good article, too. Very insightful.

  • Dr. Slizzago

    these girls still are dumb for getting pregnant in high school, pact or no pact. the baby borrowers is premiering tonight, if i had a daughter i would force her to watch. no way i’d let her make the mistake these broads made. it’s on nbc at 9.

  • Jordan Richardson

    The Baby Borrowers is such a load of crap. Awful show.

  • I so agree with you, Maddy. I was dumbfounded when I learned this news, which is why I’ve been curiously silent about it. Besides, I’m a mom and no one listens to me, EVER.

  • Mike from TN

    Very Good Article

  • David F.

    While I agree that the teens are primarily responsible, as only they have the ultimate ability to make their own decisions, the media most certainly is at fault. People are hugely influenced by their environments (nature and nuture, all that jazz), and the mass media has become a large component of the modern environment. The media is immensely powerful, and generally, they seem to deny this fact, and walk around like kids with WMDs.

    I’m just glad that the media is as poorly organized collectively as it is. It would be a truly scary thought if an entity with an eye for shaping the direction of society could control a significant section of the media. Perhaps I have a new goal…

  • Jordan Richardson

    The media really isn’t poorly organized at all. A handful of companies own most media outlets and have a stake in controlling most of the information out there. I think the media could do well with less organization and centralization and more public input as opposed to private (corporate) interests.

  • Viola

    Everybody acts like 17 girls is alot. Well It is for small town schools. I go to a high school in detroit and out of the 500 girls in that school 50 of them are pregnant.