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A sure sign of the coming apocalypse

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Kylie Minogue wants to sing jazz. Oh my, where to start with this:

  • Shouldn’t she try actually singing pop first?
  • Clearly, this is just her way of preparing for a “triumphant return to the world of pop”!
  • Ah, she doesn’t want to sell out arena anymore. That must be the reason.
  • “She wants a more grown-up sound to reflect how she has matured.” Grown-up and mature. Those are the words that come to mind when accompanied by a photo of Kylie wearing only a see through shirt with sheer black panties.

Well, jazz survived Michael Bolton, it’ll survive Kylie.

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  • Hey, don’t compare Kylie to Michael Bolton. No one, I mean no one, is as bad as Michael Bolton.

  • I’d throw her one fortissimo. Know what I’m sayin? The ladies know what I’m talkin about.

    That is all.


    Not only that, I don’t want to see Michael Bolton in a see-thru skirt or sheer black panties.

  • Sandra Smallson

    LOL. I love Michael Bolton. I have at least 5 albums. I am offended:) If Robbie Williams was allowed to get away with singing swing then I’m sure we can allow Kylie to sing jazz:)

    Mind you, my immediate interest with Kylie has little to do with her “work” but more to do with her appearance. I saw her at the Madonna concert on opening night in Earls court where she no doubt came with pad and pen to jot down what she would do in her next tour as she has done through out her career. She’s made a career and a fortune out of that so I wish her well.

    Now, back to her face.. she looked so plastic. Her face so tight. She was smiling and I was worried cracks were going to start appearing on the face because it seemed like such an effort, a strain to smile. She came with her sister who looked so much better. Is keeping up with the gorgeous Olivier Martinez driving her round the bend? Probably. As a woman I share her pain. The man is truly delicious.

    Still, she was on her feet dancing and singing for almost the whole show so good to see she can have a good time without him these days.

  • i can’t think about Michael Bolton without also thinking about that jim carey/in living color thing…when his head exploded on the high note.

  • Eric Olsen

    Michael Bolton reminds me of Jim Nabors – I say this without connotation

  • Sandra Smallson

    Come on guys. Are you saying there is not one Bolton song you like or at the very least appreciate even though you wouldn’t add it to your collection?

  • Are you saying there is not one Bolton song you like or at the very least appreciate even though you wouldn’t add it to your collection?


  • i’m not much for putdown-type descriptions of musicians, but for Bolton i’ll have to make an exception:

    herniated overemoting.

    (just wish i’d come up with that one myself)


    Before he became famous for sucking the life and soul out of a song, I think he sang a song called, “Everybody’s Crazy” which was OK, if it was the only raock song you might hear while driving acros farm reports and Muzak country.

    “Office Space” has great lines about Bolton’s lack of soul.

    HIs version of “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” was so terrible that I almost threw the TV out the window, almost 20 years gone and it still makes me want to punch Bolton out.

  • Are you saying there is not one Bolton song you like or at the very least appreciate even though you wouldn’t add it to your collection?

    I didn’t even know that there was a single song that you could call an actual Michael Bolton song. I mean, does he have anything original?

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