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A Static Lullaby “…And Don’t Forget to Breathe”

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A Static Lullaby is a melodic hardcore band with so much energy, so much passion and so much talent, there is hardly even a way to even accurately, in words, describe the depth of musical ability included in …And Don’t Forget to breathe, released on Ferret Records

From the same label that originally brought us Stretch Armstrong, A Static Lullaby has just as much promise, and a little bit of the same sound. The sound of this album clearly has influences from the modern “screamo” scene from bands like Thursday, however melodic hardcore would probably be the best genre to throw these guys into as they more readily can be compared to bands like Shai Hulud and Poison the Well.

Distinct and penetrating vocals coupled with the heaviness and destruction of the guitars and the timeliness and syncopation of the drums makes for an ear pleasing, body thrashing experience that most in the hardcore scene can relate to. A great album—a great band—a great record label.


Objectionable Content- A

Overall Album- A+ (Yes, my first A+ is give to these guys. With the absence of ZAO, and with all of the other hardcore bands growing up and becoming “emo”, it is nice to see a fresh band that knows what they are doing, and are as passionate about it as these guys are. Great album.)

Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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  • yanni805

    Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. These guys are jumping on the screamo bandwagon. They are cheesy and cliche. “Don’t Forget to Breath”? Give me a break, and yes I have listened to the cd, it sucks.

  • alexis

    yeah iv listened to the cd… and no sane person would say that that cd sucked…its definitly good and i cant stop listenin to it… it just seems like you dont know much bout music… so theres obviously no point in arguing with you

  • megan

    This cd is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! whoever disagrees knows nothing about emo or hasnt listened to the words and the emotion of every single one of the songs on the album…i listen to the cd EVERY day because it is magnificent… spectacular… awesome… breathtaking… fantastic… incredible…

  • kyle

    WOW! Insane album or what?! This was my first experience with an Emo or “screamo” and it will definatley wont be the last. Their new album is released on April 5th and i am stoked for it. A Static Lullabys music helps me get throguh life knowing that im not the only one with these problems. BRAVO

  • vanessa

    This cd is so beautiful!There is so much emotion and its describes me every day. i love A static lullaby.