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A Short, Short Guide To Men

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Men are the confused of America, with women coming in a close second. The reason: Men are asked to be strong, silent, and always able to take charge of everything. Anything different is not allowed. And that is part of the problem.

We engage women in an aggressive manner because we think this is of interest to them. The woman who sees this is supposed to respond with affection. When a woman doesn’t, we feel that somehow there’s something wrong with us. The truth is, as much as a woman fears not being selected as the prey, we are afraid of not being respected as her potential hunter.

We reserve our thoughts on topics because we feel conversation is a time-waster and is better left to friends. Women, however, speak their minds when possible on everything, which we see as an annoyance. That fear of a conversation between a man and his mate is the fear that conversation gives a woman “ideas.” But what men and women don’t understand is that a man is merely the pet of a woman, not the other way around. She has more on the ball than you see, and it doesn’t take long for thoughts to come out.

We build our bodies up to look like the mythological beings of old time. Of course a woman, in the eyes of men, is supposed to respond to such strength because it’s a sign of protection against evil. And yet, the more we push our women to the back, the more they wish to be up front. When more of the things men are supposed to do go to the women, we feel that strength is just useless. When that strength becomes useless, we feel we are being pushed to the back, like a woman is usually supposed to feel.

Being a man is more about being honest with yourself than any one stereotype. It’s okay to fall back on those standards of old and let the woman do some of the work. It’s good to let yourself say more than “give me a beer” and “pass the booty” to your spouse. It’s right to treat a woman like an equal. Invest some time in her, because she doesn’t actually need you. Everyone is expendable in a relationship.

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  • Turbo_glide

    Revised REALISTIC short guide to men:
    Man’s job in life is to screw as many as possible for insuring spread of seed and maybe keep a good piece of ass is she’s worth it. Woman’s job is keep man honest enough to help raise children.
    Where this has been bastardized is by media, big business, politics, ball busters, dikes, religion and other manipulators. Marriage is a ploy to keep a man around so a woman better be really good.
    A man that hasn’t learned how to treat a woman is deprived of his natural rights to get women.
    Most men: are taught aggressive habits by power hungry moguls that mislead and want spoils for themselves, are not taught how to dance [with their mouth/speak, touch, actually dance, play gentle] properly to get a good woman.
    In any case, we scratch our asses, fart, do logical things [in our eyes], burp, ignore stupid comments, etc. but it all comes down to scent. If a man likes your natural scent you’re in. If woman wears too much makeup or swimming in perfume, or hidden in other ways then they’re gone, if she looks good then she’s only piece of ass. If you don’t like our scent then go somewhere else. We have no problems talking and stating our points of view and having an intelligent conversation as long as women don’t start picking it apart. Naturally we select women that are healthy, in shape and able to bear children and have enough breasts to feed them. Can’t change millions of years in evolution, so deal with it.
    We realize that scent is mutual and we see your eyes dilated to size of saucers. Then we know no matter what we say or do we’re getting it on. Most of us don’t hit the gym but work our asses off instead.
    No matter what women come up with for schemes we are resilient and put up with it. Up to a point.
    We favor women that look good, DON’T manipulate, are realistic, love sex, are athletic, actually work together and have good sense of humor. We look at everyone, not just other women, for lot of us are warriors and study our defense/offense on the fly. No matter what you women will do we will look.

    Personally: I’ll state my opinion on anything and everything whether someone likes it or not. I like a woman’s ass or tits I’ll tell her, and in public. I don’t fall for other’s manipulations. I’ll turn on a guys woman just to see her squirm or if she’ll stray. Turn on a woman till she can’t stand it anymore. Make her life so interesting it will make her head spin. And I’m not a pet for anyone and never will. Many have tried and lost.
    If she doesn’t need you she needs someone else. If she treats me well then same will be reciprocated to her. I don’t have the greatest in looks and I get women like sweet candy everywhere I go and that match. Young old fat skinny and anywhere in between. Most of my past ones still try even if I’m already with one. Preferably I like taller rails with speed bumps 🙂
    What’s needed is a school for men to learn the art of women.

  • And with that, I now know why you are single.

  • Dawn

    turbo_glide that was the biggest load of dung I’ve encountered since my last trip to the zoo.

    I think Matthew’s statement was a lot more full of wisdom that your comment.

    Some women may occasionally fall for your machismo line of horsecrap, but any women with half a brain cell will tell you to shove it sideways.

  • Jet in Columbus

    And the sad part Dawn, was that he was being serious!

  • Dawn

    True dat!

  • Turbo_glide

    Thank you for your insightful intelligent opinions. Everyone is entitled to his or hers. I see being the devil’s advocate still works very well. You might be stunned to know that I never have been married, really don’t want to as most men that I’ve talked to over many years and many countries.
    The relationships I’ve had have been excellent and each lasted for more than 10 yrs. I’ve raised 4 kids and been with other women that each of women I was with knew about and accepted. Yes, accepted and in some cases promoted. The only reason why this last one went south is that some druggie attacked her while she was walking back to car after a night out, cops didn’t do their job and I was left to remedy the situation, with our bike club in tow. We still see each other even though she lives in another town for her safety, her choice. About 4 our of 10 single women I meet ask me out, and some not so single. That’s almost anywhere; in my computer security business, Harley club, anti-poverty group, travels, supermarket, restaurants, on the street etc. They all know my opinions as I theirs.
    Scent of a Woman movie is a good example of my point of previous post. Maybe you’d like to visit any bar and watch the singles or even watch relationship shows on boob tube. In any case I comes down to chemistry, you know that thing they call relationship/sex studies [as far as I remember scent is still large part of this], adaptability and last but not least Respect. I guess you’ve never seen a man and woman unknown to each other go to gathering or meet, talk to bunch of ppl and still end up together talking for hours and or end up in the sack.
    In most part what I’ve stated in original post is other ppl’s opinions that seem to be right over the years. So pardon me for not understanding the relationships I’ve been in, all the ppl I’ve talked to, scientists, doctors, psychologists, shows I’ve watched and experiences I’ve had. I must be a total bumbling idiot or have the memory of a sieve.
    BTW: a couple of friends run a singles club and agree fully with most of my original statement and really had a good belly laugh at yours. I posted this Blog subject on bulletin board at our Harley club with very similar results.

  • Dawn

    Oh, you’re a biker. Well that explains a lot.

    I stand by my assessment. The truth can be harsh, and honestly when you talk shit about women and refer to them in such derogatory terms, well what exactly did you expect the reaction to be?

    Maybe those biker mamas fall for that macho nonsense, but any enlightened female is going to roll her eyes and keep on walkin’.

  • What your friends are saying to you is exactly what you wanna hear. You can’t tell me honestly a woman is going to be that way for the rest of her life. Are you going to be as charming and smooth as you so wifully demonstrated in your last post years later?

    The fact is when you no longer have any of the things you claim men want, what makes you stay together? Come to think of it, why would anyone stay with another person just to another person’s pet?

    You either like being the other person’s pet, or you wanna pretend you’ll be able to control them later down the line. Women pick the men, not the men picking the women.

    Now copy this comment and post that to your loser club.

  • Bill

    Response to your first paragraph: men have minds of their own, “anything different not allowed” by who?

    Second paragraph: depends on what a woman wants,
    nothing wrong with me if I’m rejected, that’s to be expected, I reject women too
    “woman fears not being selected as the prey”? I thought we are talking equality here in this modern age
    “man is merely the pet of a woman”? on which planet?
    “She has more on the ball than you see” some do some don’t

    Paragraph three: “We build our bodies up to look like the mythological beings of old time.” You been watching wrestling too much?
    “And yet, the more we push our women to the back, the more they wish to be up front.” If that were the case America would be a very repressed country.
    “we feel that strength is just useless” I still have a brain know how to use it, welcome to America
    pushed back yes and I know how to bounce back, it’s called survival and life

    Paragraph four: first true statement you’ve mentioned until “Everyone is expendable in a relationship.” You just agreed with Turbo’s statements. At least the guy speaks true. Next time give it some thought before you lay more psychobabble.

    As for Dawn: just because Turbo’s statements don’t contain mushy feelings it doesn’t mean he’s not right. I hear lots of women comment on guys buns so why can’t he say his opinion? I tried it today and most women loved it. You afraid of bikers by any chance? Or are you just stereotyping all of them?

    Plese do your research first. When real bikers show up most women oggle them and start asking them questions and even rides. At our truck stop many have jumped ship and left with a biker. I find bikers will tell you what’s on their mind much faster than rest of customers.

  • Heather

    As a liberated educated woman I see Turbo Glide is more passionate about his staments and presents a more realistic view of men in today’s society. What Matthew is talking about is only the confused. Good rebuttal Bill 🙂

  • So the reality is that we are supposed to be what Turbo-guilde says? And exactly what research needs to be done? You can’t exactly go up to women, tell them they have a nice ass and then suddenly expect not to get chased down with a woman throwing her heels at you.

  • Bill

    So everyone is supposed to tow the line according to your word as god Matthew? ha ha ha. You must have missed the part “I tried it today and most women loved it.” in my post. As a writer by Profession you’re obligated to back up what you say. At least Turbo is talking from experience.
    In my experiences and all the men I’ve talked to, American women have “learned” to manipulate as soon as they latch onto a guy and you seem to be one of them. They can say “nice ass” but guy can’t? Get real or get off the pot. Maybe you don’t realize women have been getting away with way too much and Men have rights too. Now we’re starting to fight back.
    As the saying goes “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. Maybe this is why American men are going more with educated women from other countries.

  • Bill

    Matthew: Maybe I’ll answer your questions just as soon as you answer mine

  • “So everyone is supposed to tow the line according to your word as god Matthew?”

    That’s apparently what you are trying induce me to believe. 50 or so odd men or women do not make up a whole collective or one idea. I also never said in my article that this is the truth.

    You can take whatever is in the context of the article however you want it, but to feel threatened by my words means that not everyone wishes to be part of the “grope the female” crowd.

  • Bill

    Nice try, where do you see me refer to “50 or so …”? If you bothered to read my post it says “At our truck stop …”, I see and communicate with more than 50 in 1 hour some days and another 50 in restaurant part. So, if you only see 50 in your whole collective then who’s out of perspective?

    What “grope the female” crowd? Not one person in this blog has stated those words but you. So please stop twisting our words around and stick to the subject.
    I your work in not truth then why are you complaining in the first place?

  • Bill

    Correction: If your work is not truth then why are you complaining in the first place?

  • 50 is a random number i’m throwing up, it’s not a number I’m saying in reference to what you are saying. BTW, an Opinion piece is that, and you treat it as such rather than decide that it’s the truth and THEN get offended.

    Bill, who is our? There’s only two people who see fit to comment in the manner that you have. Everyone else probably is holding back to prevent from starting a flamewar.

    But if you believe that you have a better idea of male female relationships, sign up for Blogcritics and make a post. I’m sure your words will be celebrated along the NASCAR brigade.

  • Bill

    “our” could be owners of truck stop, family, number of employees, whatever. So where does your perspective come from?
    Wrong, to date I count Turbo_glide, Heather and myself. That’s 3
    Turbo is the one who related a much better perspective on men and automatically you and some others put him down without even finding out what he was talking about.
    So much for keeping an open mind.

  • My perspective comes from common sense, not other people. And how do I know you aren’t Heather and Bill at the same time?

    And since you apparently know Turbo, tell him to rewrite his “brilliant” comment so that I can actually read his “prespective”.

  • Bill

    My point exactly, unless you have larger base to draw from how can you start with “Men are the confused of America, with women coming in a close second.”? Common sense in not good enough if you start talking about larger number of men & women or all or them. You need to talk to these people and find out what they think and know. If that’s the consensus then we have something to talk about. That’s common sense.

    There you go again, assuming I know Turbo. Far from it.
    Starting to realise the errors of your ways?

    I’m going stick my neck out by saying, that if Turbo and his friends read this they are going to get a good laugh.

  • Dawn

    Heather, Turboglide might be an accurate representation of what’s really going on in the male world, but that’s kind of Matthew’s point isn’t it? Turboglide is merely a parody of what men think they are supposed to be, certainly not the ideal.

    I would rather have someone who is at least confused about his role, than someone who confuses his role with a distorted version of reality.

    But, I wouldn’t mind someone telling me I have a nice ass, I would just prefer it be someone I already like.

  • TLC

    Turbo_glide eh? That’s cute. As much as I’d like to agree with Dawn and Matthew, Turbo and Bill are much closer to the truth and I’m more apt to agree with them. I wish my husband would go and take lessons. Matthew, your points are scattered and men mentioned should see a good therapist.

    I work in upper management with a number of degrees under my belt. As a woman I’ve had to put up with every kind of ahole on this planet just to get this far. For my university thesis I did a piece on human sexuality and relations. I’ve found marriage is a recent thing for the average couple. Try a starting point.

    Google history of marriage and do your own study. Maybe watch Sexual Secrets series.

    Now Matthew, I find most men in large part can’t relate to us women because they don’t know how. Most are not willing to learn. Many times I’ve counseled them before important meetings, babied them just to get them do their work, had to sit them down and let them in on their own feelings because they have never learned from their fathers, other men or a woman. Of coarse you find your own gender confused, lonely, lifting weights and in that mixed up brain trying to find an ideal girl.

    I see the girls in all our departments fall into traps of abusive men. It’s the confused ones that are the problem. Our company has a great counselor and has been able to teach them the finer points of interpersonal skills. And I must say many women as well. On my time-off I’d rather party with free spirited bikers than some stuffy greedy pricks bent on getting into my panties as some trophy. Artists and writers are boring for me, medical professionals are too busy, millionaires are great till they try to rule my life and who wants to lay by the pool all their life.

    Turbo is correct in saying businesses are detrimental to relationships. They work on a divide and conquer principle. Many have policies of non-fraternization. American society is very repressed by religious groups ever since Salem days. On my vacations to Europe and South America I found much more freedom. Can’t find a nudist camp anywhere in my State, to kiss in public is still illegal. Most of America is archaic compared to rest of the world on relationships.

    I’d rather have a real man. With all the things that are wrong with them or I would like to change they are still good men. They are not sissies and are ballanced in their own way.

    Dawn, if you are looking for a good guy try a few Greeks, the best lovers going, till you find one for you. Oh, and lots of European guys and girls get lessons at home and in school from the time they reach puberty on positive relationships, love, sex and communication. You might like to keep this in mind.

  • TA Dodger

    Man’s job in life is to screw as many as possible for insuring spread of seed and maybe keep a good piece of ass is she’s worth it.

    Let it never be said that we feminists are the ones who don’t respect men. I, for instance, would never say that a man’s “job” in life is to betray his lovers and abandon his children.

    I would also never claim that my biological drives give me the right to treat other people as less than human.

    At least not until I can explain why biological drives should give angry people the right to commit homicide, or horny men the right to commit rape, or step-fathers the right to commit infanticide (Killing the baby gives mama the chance to birth again, so see, it’s totally OK! He’s just trying to maximize his number of genetic offspring!) Each of these behaviors is favored by natural selection, and we (rightly) expect people to overcome their “programming.”

    As for women who have sex with men that see them as nothing more than “pieces of ass”… I guess the world will always contain a certain number of women with no self esteem. Enjoy!

    Woman’s job is keep man honest enough to help raise children.

    If the man is actually a man instead of a dumb animal he shouldn’t need a woman to tell him the difference between right and wrong. Men actually aren’t worthless dogs, and it pisses me off to see people painting the whole masculine sex as worthless just to give themselves an excuse to treat women like shit.

  • “Turbo_glide eh? That’s cute. As much as I’d like to agree with Dawn and Matthew, Turbo and Bill are much closer to the truth and I’m more apt to agree with them. I wish my husband would go and take lessons. Matthew, your points are scattered and men mentioned should see a good therapist.”

    For what? The fact of the matter is that a woman is ultimately the one who is the predator, she can change her role to the prey if you can outthink her and outmanuver her. It’s like covert operations. If a man thinks she’s got a woman in her sights, it’s because she LETS him. Some women take it too far and let them walk all over them.

    If a woman doesn’t recognize her strength in the relationship, then they deserve to be with bikers and the like who carry that attiude. They can’t go back and say they made a mistake because they knew it was a mistake in the first place.

    “I work in upper management with a number of degrees under my belt.”

    And this means?

    “Now Matthew, I find most men in large part can’t relate to us women because they don’t know how.”

    Stop right there for a second…

    Men know exactly how to relate to women, but they can’t do it the way it should be done. And it should be done with class and dignity, but that’s not what society teaches me. Society teaches you to be shallow above all else, and therefore that’s all men know. Eventually when enough women go through men like they, they incorporate that and become just as bad as the men.

    Unforunatly this problem has spread too far to really be repairable.

    Plus, since when did Euporeans and Greeks break the human barrier? Not everyone on their side of the specturm is as good as you sell it. Just like the British don’t always like their own television.

    The only thing I’m saying here is that men need to stop the bullshit. If a woman does certain things a man does, then that’s fine. What’s the big deal? A relationship isn’t a one-sided affair, but it goes down to that because society teaches men that it is that way. A woman is not a pet, and neither is a man, give the sexes a chance to breath and you may stand a chance in getting married or even staying in a relationship.

    I’m saying a “chance”, it’s not definete.

    [Matthew: Please use ” quotation marks ” and not the more than symbol when quoting other people. Thank you. Comments Editor]

  • TLC

    Matthew, I’m going to put this in simple languge so you can understand.

    Women are NOT the ultimate predators. Please stop reffering to us as that.
    We do not pray on men per say, we play the natural game of attraction with ones we like or have potential, show men with body language if you may have a chance to start, with our humor, wisdom, seeing if you are smart, if we like your scent and if you if you have the language skills, check you out really well till men understand what we want and they pass the test. Anywhere along the way if you mess up you loose. That simple.

    On the other side of the coin, the men who know how to relate to women usually get further than ones that don’t. In my experiences most don’t and don’t even get out of starting gate. Men are the preditors by nature and we test them if they can put their hunting gathering skills to better use. If there is a gentler side for our needs as girlfriends and maybe wives and mothers.

    There’s is much more to this and it’s not up to me to teach anyone here since it takes years. This should have been taught to all men from the start! The problem is repairable so don’t lay that crap on everyone here.

    As Bill would say, you must have missed that part “till you find one for you.”

    And again “But what men and women don’t understand is that a man is merely the pet of a woman, not the other way around.” Why would you even mention that if you didn’t mean it. Poor communications skills maybe?

    As for Greeks and Europeans, you are not me, in my body or mind, you have not lived my life so mind your own business on this point. I was talking to Dawn not you.

  • “Women are NOT the ultimate predators. Please stop reffering to us as that.”

    I’m calling it as I see it, which is what you are apparently doing.

    “We do not pray on men per say, we play the natural game of attraction”

    Predator and Prey, that simple.

    “On the other side of the coin, the men who know how to relate to women usually get further than ones that don’t. ”

    A woman doesn’t come across as being as general as you think. Some women want a man who can be kind and sensitive and have an opinion in addition to that male macho crap, some women just want the macho crap. All I’m saying is that men shouldn’t feel trapped as to which they should be around a woman because ultimately she’s going to like you for you.

    Anyone who puts a checklist on a man or a woman isn’t going to be happy or have any of either. You don’t want certain things in your relationship, but whose to say you won’t have them later. Anytime you spend with your parents will tell you what you will get, because it’s all the same ups and downs (some more extreme than others).

    Doing silly stuff like checking credit, manhood size and dumb things like that don’t contribute to the length of a relationship. If that’s really the case, then when you become co-dependent on that, what’s left if you loose it? nothing.

    All that scent crap doesn’t mean a thing if the two parties get together and they don’t allow one to be another at one point.

  • -E

    Why do what everyone else is doing instead of what you feel you ought to do yourself? Do we really want our own lives to be normal? Why settle for that?

  • So long as you decide to be a snooty [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] with me TLC, [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Because you already settle in a relationship, so long as you aren’t physically beaten or mentally abused, why break up because the sex isn’t good? or because you’re travel plans don’t equal the Donald Trump universe? or because your kids dont’ grow up to be smart-pants?

    You throw the dice in a relationship, and yet when it comes up bad, nobody stays together and they haven’t laid finger one or bad word one on the person.

  • TLC’s husband

    That’s about enough Matthew Milan. On reading this page you have been twisting users words, sticking your nose in other users comments and overly abusive to anyone that doesn’t agree with you! Get a life!

  • Turbo_glide

    Thank you very much TA Dodger,
    Finally someone who really took the time to read and understand what I’m talking about
    Everyone take note: It has to be an educated feminist who got it 😉
    Thanx everyone else too.

    I’ve been watching this blog all along and I won’t bother replying to derogatory comments, not worth my time.

    Now to clear up a few things:
    For those wanting to start a relationship [doesn’t matter what kind] read, watch, experiment, everyone is different. Learn the fine art of meeting, and don’t drink so you’re drunk, you’ll end up alone or chewing your arm off. Be yourself, even if you loose out. Don’t take rejection too harshly you’ll get over it and there’s lots of fish in the sea. And don’t be stupid to keep trying with same failed ways.

    Personal experience: With women men only have one chance, I try a second if I screwed up and know it. If not I’m history. Same works for other way around. Second chance principal

    Now I know I’m gona get blasted for this but it’s true and here it goes: in your countries of origin [backtrack your name to it’s origin / original tribes] you’ll find that every culture has same or close to same. Mature men and women have a tendency to teach intimacy to younger opposite sex beginning their start in testing for new relationships. Too bad in North America they are called Cougars and Perverts. But America is screwed in sexual thinking anyway.
    This is why your teenage daughter might show up with some 20 to 30 yr old or even older. And half the time with the roughest looking rebel around. What she’s saying is mom and dad you didn’t teach me so I went and taught myself. You loose because it’s too late now.
    Same goes for boys and older women.
    So be good to your kids and teach ’em or you loose again. It’s where gangs usually take over.
    If you don’t know, then find someone of opposite sex to teach you. Gays and lesbians are different and I can’t say.

    Never ever leave a mother hang out to dry
    Never ever disrespect this woman who has taken the time out of her life to be with you and has taken the chance of bearing both, hers and your kids. If you do you will pay, much worse than you might know now
    Never leave a guy hang out to dry, same as above bit in reverse
    No matter how much you disagree after the initial roll in the hay both your jobs, yes jobs, is to raise said kids. This means working together at home and plan on how to deal with our ever more sadistic business based world. What matters now is how to survive and live in this world.
    There is no master or slave in a good home, there’s only the couple/team
    Adapt! This can’t be stressed enough. That means both of you. Whether you are starting to see someone or living as family. Learn from each other as much as possible, especially what your parents and schools didn’t teach you by default.
    Your kid or kids will teach you more that you can imagine as soon as you have it.
    Anyone that runs out on a relationship where a kid is involved, for whatever reason [in my opinion] is an idiot. You will pay later, again more than you think.

    Talk to your partner about everything, especially about each other. Life starts with the most embarrassing moments about your most embarrassing parts / facts. Even the experts don’t know it all. It might be uncomfortable in the beginning but it sure will make your relationship and especially your love life and sex life much better.
    For guys: say something, even though it could sound stupid. There’s no such thing as stupid when learning.

    If you are starting a second relationship because the first failed for some reason and kids are involved, then listen to and watch kids. Kids will tell you what’s really going on. They will test you much better than your perspective partner. You don’t have a hope in hell if they don’t accept you too or you’re going to have big problems.
    If you don’t value yourself how can you value others?

    The rest is a test of what you have learned in the beginning of your relationship and your continued adaptability, so learn it well.

    For futher info read “Sex Tips For Women” blog

    To this point I’ve had open relationships where rules were made only by us and everyone turned out better than most and happier for it. Sure pissed off some religious groups and some archaic thinkers though 😉
    Have fun and keep smilin’

    My moto for Internet is “please engage eyeballs and retain functional brain before operating fingers” unknown author
    I’m still laughing at some of the comments here
    BTW: I clean my own bike, get my own beer, wipe my own ass, love playing games on metal midgets and have only one rule – Respect

  • TLC’s Husband?

    Did she cry when I told her the truth and then call you?


    Hold on a second here, your comment is a complete 180 from what your stance is. You definetely are confused, perhaps even more so than I am supposedly.

  • I’ll let Turbo have the upperhand here. Not because he’s right, but because I’m gonna literally get myself kick out of this site by commenting further.

  • Scott Butki

    Turbo, I like your last comments much more than the original ones you made.

  • Turbo_glide

    Now you’re starting to catch on Matthew Milan. I wrote my original piece specifically for you and you fell right into my/our trap. To make matters worse you started picking on others. So let me tell you right in front of everyone here. I’m a Network & Systems Analyst specializing in security, used to be a profiler catching those hard to find perverts, dealers and such, and I’ve been asked to look into your activities and derogatory remarks you have been spreading across the Internet. Thank you for providing me and other security persons with a larger profile. At 27 or so you need to learn that everything on the Internet is tracked and logged somewhere. That includes everything there is to know about you. By now you are probably in a number of databases and number of security centers for future reference. I strongly suggest, as you have realized by now, you tone it down and use respect before you get yourself into trouble where the authorities come knocking on your door. Otherwise I suggest you go find a group to help you deal with your anger and relationships. Get it?

    For now I’m suggesting to moderators not to kick you off and lets see if there is an improvement.

  • Matthew, please feel free to ignore Turbo_glide who is talking total BS.

    Turbo_glide, please leave the policing of this site to those whose job it is or I might break my perfect record of never having banned anybody yet…

  • Beebop

    Hey turbo…be very careful when calling out the computer security cause there are people like me who luv to take down systems of fools like you…

    YOU came to comment on this story and YOU have to deal with the author’s response..don’t like it then LEAVE..your threats are a joke. THE AUTHORITIES??? Yeah, let’s go bust a writer for saying his opinion—you’re a joke…OOOOHHHH you set a trap did you??? Get a life…

    Don’t call down the thunder unless you’re ready for the fallout…

  • Dawn

    Wow, I think I am done commenting here, my tinfoil hat is on high alert. Sheesh!

  • Turbo_glide

    Actually I’m not full of it and I will respect your decision Christopher Rose since you are responsible for your site.
    Thank You

    As for the rest of you: if you don’t know what user has done in other places …

  • Turbo, you’re not only full of it, you’re also pretending to be at least five different people of both sexes in the 20 comments you’ve made so far, including pretending to be your own husband. Please report to your nearest medical facility…

  • TA Dodger

    Oh, tell me Heather was a sock puppet. Comment #10 was sock-puppetastic.

  • Dawn

    If Heather was a sock puppet, someone owes me ten bucks!

    Turbo – if you don’t make it as professional troll, I bet the circus will take you and your multiple personalities. That’s a neat trick!

    Good detective work Mr. Rose!!

  • TA Dodger

    Aw come on, anyone who responds to a vaguely misogynistic comment with “as a liberated intelligent woman, I have to agree with so and so” and then never comments again just has to be a sock.

    I am willing to bet ten internet dollars!

    Come on Dawn, put your money where your mouth is. 🙂

  • gabriel v.

    wtf , now i’m pissed, some puke hacked my box and done all this shit, i made mistake of leavin’ wifi on while burn in, no security yet, punk is gona get done in when i catch ’em, only psot i did is first in nother item, now gona find out wht fucken bikers can do, piss me off, got enough probs with out this shit

  • Dawn

    TA, I am liking you more and more every day!

  • You know what it is ladies? It’s the little things…for me anyway. Sometimes it can be really little things…for both of us…a little thank you here and there let’s your significant other know that you see how life is better because you’re together.

    As far as hunting them down in bars…you go out late…let the idiots get ’em drunk, then move in for the kill!


    but seriously…Somehow, I got lucky enough to find a woman that has put up with my ridiculous BS for almost 23 years now. And for the most part, we’ve managed to keep each other relatively happy.

    what’s even more amazing is that we only knew each other for 2 weeks when we drove from LA to Vegas to get married. Actually, we had tried the week before, but we didn’t have enough money to party and get married, so we decided to party and go back the next weekend. It was pay day weekend!

    Now I live with 3 women, God is punishing me for things I did as a younger man and he has “blessed” me with daughters…2 of them! Oh yeah, I have pets too…dogs. My woman is not my pet…although, we do like to indulge in a little heavy petting now and then…does that count?

    Yeah, I called her my woman…she’s mine, you can’t have her! No, not like property…she’s just mine… Ask her!