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A Second Holocaust: The Fate Israel Fears – And How It Is Creating It With Its Own Hands

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Israel is hastening its own destruction by its disproportionate reaction to the kidnapping of two of its soldiers by Hezbollah.

Hezbollah has kidnapped Israeli soldiers before to exchange them for prisoners kept by Israel, and Israel has duly made such exchanges. Why is this time any different? Because Israel has been looking for an excuse to attack Hezbollah ever since Israel left Lebanon years ago.

Except Israel is not attacking Hezbollah – it’s attacking Lebanon. The San Francsico Chronicle has revealed that this plan has been on the cards for quite a while. “More than a year ago, a senior Israeli army officer began giving Power-point presentations, on an off-the-record basis, to US and other diplomats, journalists and think-tanks, setting out the plan for the current operation in revealing detail.”

Israel is sowing the seeds of violence against it, and it could reap the whirlwind. Imagine what could happen when Iran gets nukes.

Only one thing protects Israel from a Second Holocaust — the backing of America, to the tune of $3 billion a year, including a steady supply of arms (now sped up to supply for the war in Lebanon).

The removal of that aid is not inconceivable — for these reasons:

1. America may soon not be able to afford it. Our country is on the brink of bankruptcy, in hock to China, Japan, and other Asian nations.

2. Israel has lost its victim status, and is now regarded as a rogue state by every other state in the world except America. At some point America may wake up and realize that its attachment to Israel is against its own national interest, and that by serving Israel, it is weakening its own position in the world.

3. America has already weakened its own position in the world and exposed the limitations of its superpower status by the fiasco of its imperial adventure in Iraq. It is not inconceivable that, after Bush, America may enter an isolationist era. Instead of intervening in the affairs of the rest of the world, it may retract in on itself, and leave the world to its own devices (maybe a very wise course, given its propensity to make a mess of its interventions).

Israel has a right to defend itself — but it does not have the right to destroy the infrastructure of Lebanon, or the right to treat Palestine like an apartheid Bantustan of slave labor, or the right to kill Arabs indiscriminately.

Sooner or later the Arabs may gang up on Israel again, like they’ve done before, and next time Israel may be fought to a standstill, like has happened before, or maybe even lose. This hasn’t happened before, but it could. Iran is getting stronger every day; it will go nuclear one day. Also, the dictatorships of Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, and Jordan will eventually be taken over by Islamist factions who may not restrain themselves in the face of Israeli violence.

Currently Israel is still the strongest power in the Middle East. Because it is the strongest, and Palestine is the weakest, the responsibility of making peace starts with Israel, not with the Palestinians. The weak cannot make peace; the strong must initiate it and execute it.

When Israel is rivaled by Iran, and can be matched by the Arab states who hate it, it will lose its position of strength, and not be able to make peace. At that point, Israel will lose its only window of opportunity to survive by making peace. Instead, it will be destroyed — and have only itself to blame for a Second Holocaust.

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    I am telling you, you are missing your calling as a satirist.

    Did you just wake up this morning and discover Israel on a map? How could anyone be so clueless about the history of the Middle East as to write something this obviously clueless.

  • SFC SKI:
    I’d be happy to hear your clues about the history of the Middle East once you get over your shock and awe at my cluelessness.

  • calvin

    Afghanistan let the Taliban(bin ladin) run freely so guess what Afghanistan got attacked.

    Its Lebanon responsibility to disarm Hezbollah and they didn’t do it. Yes killing civilian is wrong but if this terrorist group is allowed to run freely in Lebanon civilian area then there will be collateral damage.

    I know you seem to forget Hezbollah is shooting hundred of rockets at civilian on purpose.
    Cry bloody murder to those guys. Israel bombing looks like Christmas compared to shooting hundred of rockets into cities.

    Its wrong but you must understand this isn’t a video game this is war people will die. Think of it this way.

    If you decide to ride around in my car and you know I have pounds of drugs in my trunk. Guess what, if the cops pull us over you are going to jail too. Lebanon allowed Hezbollah freewill and now because of this decision their citizens will suffer.

  • StarDust

    “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.” – (David Ben-Gurion, May 1948. From Ben-Gurion, a Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar)

    Even before the abovementioned words were uttered by Ben Gurion, and before the establishment of Israel: terrorism, assassination and propaganda were the primary tools of the Jewish immigrants arriving from Europe and Russia. Ironically, many of them were fleeing persecution but upon their arrival they began to persecute another innocent nation! These Jewish (Zionist) terrorists organised themselves into groups and one of the earliest one was called the “Haganah”; its members included the likes of Yitzhak Rabin, Ariel Sharon and Moshe Dayan. From “Haganah”, the “Irgun” gang was formed by the more fanatical right-wing members; the group was later led by Menachem Begin. However, the “Irgun” gang also split in 1940; their off-shoot was called the “Lehi” also known by the British as the “Stern Gang”, named after its leader Avraham Stern.

    All of these terrorist groups terrorised the indigenous Muslim/Arabs, driving them out of their lands. This is the source of the problem, the root of the Arab-Israeli conflict: foreigners who have sought refuge in the land of olive (Palestine – “Bilad az-Zaytun”), turn violent on the indigenous population. These ungrateful Zionist terrorists also attacked the British occupational forces, despite the fact that it was the British government who facilitated their ‘settlement’ in these lands. They bombed King David Hotel, killing 91 people that comprised largely of British civilians. Menachem Begin of the Stern Gang was wanted by the British authorities for his criminal activities.

    After the establishment of Israel, the “Irgun” gang led by Menachem Begin became the right-wing Likud Party, while the “Haganah” terrorists and the criminal Stern gang integrated to form the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). Therefore, Israel is a terrorist state by its nature; its institutions were born out of the terrorism of terrorist groups and theft of Arab/Muslim lands. Israel continues to function in this mode, terrorising the region for the ultimate goal of building Eretz (greater) Israel. The map issued by Begin’s Irgun gang is proof of that vision of creating Eretz Israel, when Israel was not even born. Menachem Begin explicitly stated this in 1947:

    “Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel, all of it and for ever.”

    However, international situation prevents Israel from achieving this goal of building Eretz Israel immediately; this is a long term objective that is being undertaken with careful planning. To weaken the surrounding Arab countries is one essential milestone for achieving this objective. Thus, dismantling of Iraq, incursion into Syria and Lebanon, eventual annihilation of the Palestinians, preparing to attack Iran, Somalia and Syria, then eventually Saudi Arabia and Sudan, all aid that objective of building Eretz Israel, even though other factors are driving those events. Not surprisingly the fanatical neo-cons (Zionists) are the real architects of this aggressive US foreign policy that is design to weaken the Arab/Muslim countries.

    Eretz Israel is the goal, and terrorism is the method. It was the Zionists who introduced these methods, like the European colonisers introduced chicken pox to the peaceful native population in the Americas and Australia. Zionists even openly admitted of their intention of using terrorism, the aforementioned words of Ben-Gurion and the underground newspaper of the Stern Gang explicitly stated this: “Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can negate the use of terror as a means of battle.” After the birth of this illegitimate child called Israel, terrorism of groups and individuals was replaced by state-terrorism.

    However, since 1948, Israel has managed to portray itself as a victim of terrorism, instead of being the real perpetrator, while Israel’s victims have been systematically turned into terrorists. This reversal of the image was achieved primarily by the media-terrorists of the west, and this continues till today by their one-sided media coverage. Zionists of all colours to the government of Israel are given maximum air-time, while the Arab voices are given minimal time, if any at all.

    For example, the big news in the Western media is that Iran and Syria have aided Hizb-Ullah, but it is no news that the US and UK has been arming Israel to the teeth for the last 60 years! No one notices that the US and British made fighter-planes, helicopters and missiles are used daily to kill and maime Palestinians. If we examine the weapons dropped in Lebanon, one would think it was the US that launched the attack. Basically, coalition of greedy capitalist-vultures in attacking Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon is acceptable but not the coalition of Muslim countries defending itself.

    Another example of media-terrorism is the selective application of certain terms to conceal the crime. Israel bombing civilian installations in Lebanon and Gaza, depriving the entire population of transport, water and electricity, is described as an act of ‘self-defence’; but any impartial observer will see this as ‘collective punishment’ dispensed through state-terrorism. These are acts of war crimes and illegal under the various international conventions.

    Israel continues to use its firepower, targeting residential quarters and civilian conveys leaving Lebanon, killing indiscriminately including women and children. This is described by the media-terrorists as Israeli retaliation to Hizb-Ullah and Hamas. In short they portray the situation as: innocent Israel retaliating against the Arab-terrorists, civilian casualties are collateral damages. Poor Israel, always the ‘victim’ despite the fact that it is armed with the most lethal weapons! What is it this time? Is it anti-Semitism or denial of holocaust? Did someone shout 5.999999 Million Jews were killed instead of 6 million? How Israel is the only victim in human history that has managed to kill many more of its enemies (Arabs) since its inception? Victims usually suffer more than their perpetrators, but in the case of Israel it is the opposite.

    The ‘genius’ Bush also calls the Israeli aggression against the Lebanese civilian population and the civilian infrastructure as an act of ‘self-defence’, I suppose like he is ‘defending’ the US in Iraq! According to him the capture of the Israeli soldiers by the resistance forces is the source of the problem, just like 9/11 being the point where the history of conflict began. Bush and the media-terrorists conveniently ignored the offer made by Hamas and Hizb-Ullah to exchange prisoners, and all this bloodshed could have been avoided, if that route was sought. Yet we have put up with Bush and the Zionists continuously uttering “peace”, of course what they mean is “pieces” of Lebanese and Palestinian children!

    Let us suppose that Hizb-Ullah and Hamas did not retaliate to the initial Israeli aggression but made a pre-emptive strike on Israel and took the few soldiers as POWs. Israel has been holding thousands of civilians (Lebanese and Palestinians) for decades; this includes woman and children for resisting the illegal, ongoing occupation that is condemned by international law. Therefore, Israel has no right to complain for the actions of Hizb-Ullah and Hamas, moreover it is an occupational force that deserves to be resisted. Did Israel not bomb Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1982, so why the Zionist state can make pre-emptive strikes but not the Arabs?

    Israel claims the right to invade Gaza and Lebanon to ‘rescue’ the captured soldiers. No authorization was required from the UN, and the US gave it the green light. Israel refused to negotiate the release of its soldiers, partly because it has a hidden agenda and partly because of its racist nature, as allegedly they are God’s chosen race, and they are worth far more than these Arab-gentiles. This means for one Israeli Jew infinite number of gentiles can be killed, be it women or children. This is not propaganda, Talmudic law actually endorse this. No surprise the Stern gang stated this ethos: “Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can negate the use of terror (against gentiles)…” While on the subject of terrorism, it is interesting to note that victims of Hizb-Ullah has primarily been Israeli soldiers and only 10 civilians, in contrast almost all the victims of the Israeli onslaught has been innocent civilians. So who is the real terrorist by their conduct?

    Commonsense tells us there is clear difference between, groups resisting foreign occupational forces as freedom fighters and state-terrorists/terrorists. The former groups are operating largely within their borders to free their lands and people from foreign forces; hence by reality they are freedom fighters. In contrast state-terrorism is deployed largely by imperialist nations seeking the wealth of other nations and by those nations who have established themselves on other people’s land, later colonised it by force. For example, it was state-terrorism of European colonisers that led to the virtual annihilation of the aboriginal and the Native American population. Israel and the US are perfect examples of state-terrorists; they were setup on stolen lands, subsequently committed genocide on the native population. Both countries use their firepower to terrorise weaker nations, while they have killed millions more, they scream of being innocent victims, whenever they face just retaliation.

  • Bliffle

    Yeah, everyone in the world is against Israel, except for residual support in the US, and that’s diminishing. For most non-Arabs this is just a matter of the nuisance represented by Israel in the smooth functioning of the mideast. “Maybe if Israel just goes away we won’t have London/Spain bombings”.

    Watching the BBC one sees no mention of rockets fired into Israel. Are those clever Hezbollah using the new smart bombs that only kill soldiers and never civilians?

  • Zahal

    How this for examples of your cluelessness?

    Every other country does not consider Israel a rouge state. In fact, Israel has generally enjoyed broad support in their current battle against Hezbollah. Stop reading Al-Jazeera so much. Syria and Egypt-your two favorite countries-does not the world make.

    Our country is not on the brink of bankruptcy. Since you obviously don’t know too much about journalism, let me give you a pointer: When making a wild assertion, try to back it up with a fact.

    Lebanon and Hezbollah are one and the same. Hezbollah is a part of the government.

    I am going to wrap this up because you are obviously a fool with a simpleton’s understanding of the issue (your whole thesis is essentially that the Arabs will kill all the Jews, but that the Jews should not do anything to make the Arabs mad. As I said, a fool with a simpleton’s understanding of the issue.) But one more point: Israel has The Bomb. They aren’t going anywhere. Am Yisrael Chai! Bet you don’t know what that very basic phrase means, but your lack of insight, knowledge and just plan common sense certainly does not stop you from giving other people the benefit of your ignorance.

  • Sharon, USA

    Adam Ash.

    Thank you very much for being truthful and realistic.

    Brilliantly put forward the HISTORY of so called Israel, based on nothing but FACTS!!

    Israelis should take care of themselves and leave us out of their sordid mess they have created with their neighbours.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Hi folks!

    I just moved and am presently using a friend’s computer.

    Adam, I agree with the first sergeant in comment #1. You need to work a bit on the writing but you would make a great satirist.

    I feel sorry for those who take what you write seriously…

    At least we here have the opportunity for self defense – something sadly lacking when the Nazis were running around wild and unchecked, killing Jews off as though they were cheap as matjes herring.

  • John, UK

    I agree with Adam, and the historical responce from Stardust…

    Good work!

  • Stardust:
    Thank you for your amazing historical perspective.
    It’s a much better article than my piece.

    I hope there won’t be a Second Holocaust, but I think Israel is getting closer and closer to it. It is an urgent need for Israel to make a deal with the Palestinians, i.e. to actually talk to Hamas, as distasteful as Israel might find this.

    The very survival of Israel is at stake. If they continue on their path as the aggressors in the Middle East, there will come a day when they’ll really be on the defensive.

    They won the 1967 War easily; the next war nobody won; this war they’re winning. But there’ll come a time when they may lose, and I fear the Arabs won’t be very forgiving if they ever get Israel down on its knees.

    It is vital to Israel’s survival to fight for a deal in negotiations, instead of responding with their superior force of arms, which won’t be superior forever.

  • An Iranian nuclear attack on Israel would incinerate a lot of Muslims along with the Jews, and produce radioactive fallout that could blow south and poison Mecca itself, thereby cutting off pilrimages. Would these concerns not deter Iran from such a course?

  • Martin Lav

    You mean would there be enough virgins in heaven to go around?

  • I thought it was only self-chosen martyrdom, not being a collateral casualty, that qualified you for the virgins.

  • Jay

    35 Isrealishave bene killed, 22 of those military personel.

    almost 400 reborted lebanese killed officialy

    almost all civilians

    Lets talk now

    Remember, Hizbollah attacked soldiers, not detonated a bomb in a market.

    To the Zionist, they would have rathered a suicide bomb than their soldiers being routed and killed and taken hostage.

    That makes them look weak and beatable, a suicide bombing would make them look like the victams they desire to look like to the rest of the world.

    Now, they are showing their true colours, even going as far as targeting Red Cross buildings, ambulances, and today they have targeted a UN building with a precision bomb killing all 4 observers.

    Wake up world. These guys who we are subsadising with our tax dollars are bloody terrorists and criminals.

    They word terrorism and assasination started with the Jews, the Israelites when being oppressed by the Romans and other ancient powers.

    Now they cry foul and abuse their power when in position of power. If there had not been TV sets around the world, they would have carried out bloody Nazi extermination squats.

  • Adam buddy. If u think kissing islamic fundamentalist butt would mean that they will kill u last u r in real, real trouble. Ask me i’am Indian i will give u a blow by blow detail.

    Did we at any point of time Invade Arabia?

    Nope, but yet since the late 7th century we have been facing these assholes coming into our country murdering innocent civilians in millions, burning down whole cities etc… The latest was the 7/11 Mumbai blasts.

    Wake up dude. u r butt kissing will not get u anywhere. If israel is wiped out it is only an “ape”. The “pig” that is the christian i.e., u will be still around. so they will gun for u. there is no stopping mate.

    If in 732 AD charles mattel hadn’t buttfucked those marauders in France all of u would have been muslims since then. meaning no renaissance, no science, no TV, no popcorn nothing. think over it mate. get out of ur delusions.

    After israel it could be ur own butt 😉

  • Adam;

    How do you see Israel losing a war? Let’s assume it’s a non-nuclear war. How could they lose when they are the undisputed military superpower with the best trained forces and the best equipment, etc.?

  • Truth Teller

    A little over the top but there’s much more truth to his article than most want to hear. Israel, like so many other countries in the region, has gone off the deep end. Continuing their program of constant war will never give it stability.

  • Bliffle

    Didn’t Hizbolah start the hostilities by bombing Haifa and other civilian cities? When they started, noone was calling for ‘ceasefire’.

  • Les Slater

    Triniman #16

    “How could they lose when they are the undisputed military superpower with the best trained forces and the best equipment, etc.?”

    Question: Who lost the Viet Nam war?

  • arup k isaacs

    [Edited] frankly, Israel is an illegitimate nation that’s surviving due to US support. Israel goes with a begging bowl and gets $3 billion from the US so that the Americans can geo-politically dominate the region and control the crucial oil routes and production centres. What amazes me is how a minor ethnic group like the Jews can play victims throughout history. Neither is Judaism a lofty religion (what with there existing no proofs to show that Adam, Moses or Abraham ever existed) nor is it a faith with a profound philosophy considering all those silly superstitions centred around Yahweh – a tribal god invented by the Jews in response to the necessities of the times.

    It’s obvious that in coming years, Israel will pay a heavy price for its deceit. Natural Justice will soon catch Israel by its crotch. I wonder how Israel would fare in a war against a militarily strong and a nuclear power like Pakistan. But, would Israel dare to attack pakistan or take on North Korea? Israel’s daring in attacking weaklings like Palestine or Lebanon. I would like to see it take on strong nations.