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A Second Arab Attack via Bulldozer in Jerusalem

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Ma'ale Levona, 15:45

Reports came into us here in Ma'ale Levona first via cell phone, then via Arutz Sheva, then via Ha'aretz of a second Arab "bulldozer" attack. Fortunately, at this writing, around 15:45, Israel Summer Time, no one has been killed, thank G-d.

According to the cell phone report, a young man checking the Hebrew Internet at 14:20 reported five injured at the intersection of King David Street and Keren haYesod Street. This is right near hotel row in central Jerusalem, and from this information alone, it appears that these attacks are a concerted attempt to drive away tourists during what has been, up until now, a record breaking year for tourism in this country. A friend of my son reports that it is impossible presently to get to the Central Bus Station from central Jerusalem. My wife is also in Jerusalem, on her way to the Central Bus Station having to pass north through Keren haYesod Street. Her cell phone is out of order, so we are out of contact.

According to Arutz Sheva, "The terrorist began his attempt to murder Jews on King David St. near the Yemin Moshe neighborhood. He took a tractor from a construction site, and began plowing into vehicles along the street, hitting three cars and a bus. When he reached the intersection of Keren HaYesod St., a citizen and Border Guard policeman shot and killed him. The entire incident was over very quickly, eyewitnesses said."

The head of Manhigut Yehudit faction of the Likud, Moshe Feiglin, also witnessed this attack. He said that his first impression of the attack was the tractor-shovel attempting to drop down upon a passerby. "At first I thought it was some kind of accident, but very quickly we realized that it was an attack. Thank G-d, it ended very quickly, because of the alertness of a passersby who shot him – I saw a man I know from the southern Judea community of Susia, but he was the first one to shoot the terrorist, and then the Border Guard policeman came and finished the story."

The man who first shot the terrorist was later announced to be Yaki Asael, 56, father of eight, from Susia, according to Arutz Sheva.

Ha'aretz reports "Driver shot dead; 16 hurt, one in serious condition." Note that the headline from Ha'aretz is careful not to call this a terror attack.

Further updates will come when I find out more news.

This update came in at 15:50 from Rabbi Rahamim Pauli, as an e-mail to me and others:

Moments ago I was on the phone with my cousin, he told me that another bulldozer attack occurred in Yerushalayim.

This time the attack was near the Gan Hapalmon or Liberty Bell Park. The Park is right between the Sheridan Hotel/Heichel Shlomo and Migdal David in the old City not far from the main post office and the interior ministry in Yerushalayim.

This time it was a smaller bulldozer as it was not a road-work earth moving massive bulldozer. Again the driver was shot first by a civilian and then by a border policeman. The regular policemen just aren't there in time. The attack occurred around 14:30 local time.

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  • Ruvy

    Not long ago, my wife called. She was able to get the SIM card into her phone and so her phone was again in order. She is safe.

    She will be able to downtown from the Central Bus Station, which is northwest of the city center. But those who live in the south of the city, neighborhoods like the German Colony, Greek Colony, Armon haNetziv, etc., will have far more difficulty going through Keren haYesod, which goes towards the center of town near Hotel Row.

    Traffic on the streets west of Keren haYesod near Government Hill, Gan Soccer, and the Wolfson Medical Center will be maddeningly slow. Teh injured have mostly been taken to Sha’are Tzedek Hospital, where I was treated for a heart attack some years back.

  • Ruvy, I am shaking my head here. I hope you and your family are safe.

  • Ruvy

    Thank you, Joanne, for your kind wishes. My wife called a while back, a second time. She is on the bus home with a dozen bagel. Now, if only we had good cream cheese (that wouldn’t clog my arteries).

    The Arabs in the village to the north of here, smelling more Jewish blood, are lighting fireworks again. Ever since the prisoner exchange last week, they’ve been lighting fireworks, singing and partying.

    They got back a man whose greatest accomplishment in life was to smash an infant’s head against a rock or a rifle butt.

    HIM, they call a hero.


    Debkafiles reports that 29 have been injured in the terror attack that took place six hours ago, two seriously.

    From the article: “The terrorist was Ghassen Abu Tir, 22, from Umm Tuba, a Palestinian village in southeast Jerusalem, who was employed at the building site. He was a relative of Muhammed Abu Tir, a Hamas lawmaker held in an Israeli jail.

    The Hizballah-sponsored Galilee Liberation Brigades claimed this attack like the first bulldozer rampage of July 2 when another Jerusalem Palestinian killed three people and caused heavy damage on Jerusalem’s Jaffa Street.”

    These points are extremely important to note. Umm Tuba is a village not far from Jebel Mukabr and Tzur BaHr, Arab villages near Armon haNetziv. Evidently the Galilee Liberation Brigades have been active in the southeast Jerusalem area.

    Note the name – Galilee Liberation Brigades. The Arabs do not care about “the West Bank” and “Gaza” – they want the whole country, as their propaganda constantly proclaims.

    This is the stuff that the media ignore routinely, that needs to be noted carefully. These murderers are serious, just as Hitler was serious.

  • The following was receeived as an email, early this morning. It is the eyewitness account of Shmuel Sackett, the International Director of the Manhigut Yehudit Faction (Jewish Leadership) of the Likud party. He was with Moshe Feiglin witnessing the events that occurred yesterday.

    Today at 1:57 pm, I parked my car about 200 feet from the King David Hotel . I got out of the car, as did my wife, Rhonda and Manhigut Yehudit President Moshe Feiglin. We were headed to a lunch meeting with Ben Landa, Manhigut Chairman of the Board, who had arrived a few hours earlier and was staying in the King David. We started walking when – about 10 FEET IN FRONT OF US (no exaggeration) we saw a large bulldozer drop his huge bucket in an attempt to crush a woman crossing the street. Baruch Hashem (Thank G-d), she managed to avoid it by a few inches!

    The bulldozer – now obviously to us driven by a terrorist – then raced into the middle of King David Street in an attempt to smash into a passing commuter bus. The driver quickly swerved out of the way yet the bulldozer managed to smash into the rear of the bus on the “passenger” side. The bus smashed into some guard rails but quickly turned down a side street – by the Dan Panorama Hotel – to avoid any further attacks by the bulldozer. That bus driver was an AMAZINGLY quick thinker and saved MANY lives!!

    The Arab attacker – who lived in Jerusalem and had an Israeli identity card – continued driving the bulldozer down King David Street in the direction of the Inbal Hotel. I immediately started running after him at full speed – praying to Hashem that he would not injure any more Jews and that I would have the merit to personally kill him. He smashed into a parked car on the left – Baruch Hashem it was empty – then into two cars in front of him. In the first of those two cars he pinned a man inside, although he was just mildly injured. The second car he managed to completely flip over and seriously injure a man. I kept running towards the bulldozer.

    When I was about 20 feet away, a civilian came from the left. He started shooting into the cabin of the bulldozer. Then, from the right hand side, a Border Policeman shot about 7 bullets from his M-16. The bulldozer came to a stop and the terror was over.

    I immediately ran back to the man that was seriously injured and saw that the lower part of his leg was severed. I called Dovid Shirel, who was in the King David Hotel already having lunch with Ben. Dovid is Manhigut Yehudit’s Educational Director and also a highly experienced paramedic. He came flying out of the hotel and was the first paramedic on the scene. He administered IV to the man and helped him until the ambulances arrived.

    When I turned around I saw Moshe helping the injured man as well. Moshe spoke to him, found out his name and also that he was an attorney. Dovid told Moshe to keep talking to him since that would help keep him calm. I saw many people crying and screaming and tried the best I could to help relax my fellow Jews. It wasn’t easy.

    Within minutes, police arrived as did the Israeli SWAT team. Helicopters flew overhead, police on horses charged in, ambulances and ZAKA motor-scooters sped in and the media set up shop to start their reporting. Things happened faster than I would have believed.

    We immediately sent a “beeper alert” to the media that Moshe Feiglin was an eyewitness to the terror attack – of the Jerusalem Arab with an Israeli identity card – and his cellphone started ringing. Moshe gave live reports on the radio and TV in both Hebrew and English.

    People asked if anyone was killed and when we answered “no” – they immediately said “Baruch Hashem” and put on a happy face. While it is true that we must thank Hashem for the fact that there were no fatalities, we must NEVER FORGET the injured. This young attorney may lose his leg. Even if doctors manage to re-attach it – his life is changed FOREVER!!!

    And what about the trauma? What about the people that went into shock? What about the fear? What about the tears?

    I do not know the Hebrew name of this attorney and do not want to reveal his family name, in case his family has not yet found out about his injury. Still, please pray for him. Have a nice young Jewish man in your prayers who may never walk again, G-d forbid. Have ALL of Klal Yisrael in your prayers because… we REALLY need it!

    May Hashem watch over His people and protect us from harm. Amen.

  • Ruvy

    This link is a one minute video from Moshe Feiglin on the terror attack that tool place Tuesday that everyone is trying so hrd to forget in the Hebrew media (and most everyone else….).

    In the meantime Arab violence continues against us.