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A saintly game?

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A huge hit on the Xbox, Halo has finally come to the PC and the Mac. To Mac users of a certain type, Halo, especially in multiplayer, feels oddly familiar. Despite all the protestations to the contrary from the developers, there is a strong Marathon stream going through the game. Anyone familiar with Bungie’s trilogy will find Marathon all over this game, right from the machine gun all the way to the rocket launcher. Halo is the Marathon for the new millenium. I have to confess that the few times I played Halo on the Xbox, I was left unimpressed. This all changed with the computer version. The solo game is not that hard and is rather short. It’s a bit short on plot but moves along alright. Halo really comes into its own in multiplayer. Whether on LAN or on the internet, this game is pretty damn amazing. All the weapons and vehicles in the solo game can be used (depending on the map) with the addition of a few multi-only weapons like the uber-lame flamethrower. However the pleasure of driving over your opponents vehicles in a battle is rather hard to explain. The controls are responsive and easy to use…some of the most fun I have ever had in multiplayer combat has been when flying banshees against someone else. There is a variety of types of multiplayer games to play, as well as varied maps and quite a few servers being run. Halo is one of the best FPS going and one that continues to improve with updates. Considering the delays and disappointments in the most recent batch of this sort of game, you could do far worse than pick up a copy of this game. Halo II promises to take this formula and improve it vastly.

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  • in fact, from Fileplanet:
    “Vivendi Universal Games and FilePlanet will be distributing the full version of Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2 for free on a special-edition DVD-ROM bundled with the newsstand edition of the June issue of Computer Gaming World magazine and online via FilePlanet.com. The special versions of these games will be available starting May 4, 2004, and will be simultaneously accessible for online download through FilePlanet.com.”

  • Halo is fun, (i actually enjoyed the Xbox version alot last year, when my mates and i used to play quite a bit)
    But for vehicular madness, the Battlefield series (i think so far only on PC) is waaay better. Well, maybe not the first (BF 1942), but the Desert Combat mod (modern mod that changes the vehicles, adds helicopters and maps set in desert locations), and (so i hear, as i have yet to try this one) Battlefield Vietnam certainly.
    Not to mention, the oldie-but-goldie Tribes 2, soon to be released as freeware by it’s developer through Fileplanet (altho i have a suspicion you may need to be a paying subscriber to download it when they do)

  • Haven’t tried the computer version, but the XBox multiplayer option provided my friends and I quite a bit of fun over several nights. Our favorite was playing it sniper style. There’s nothing like the joy of headshotting an unsuspecting player from half way across the map. Although there is great joy in “driving over your opponents,” we found greater joy in rocket launching someone in a vehicle that’s charging right for you. Oh and don’t get me started on the hand-to-hand or butt-of-gun-to-butt-of-gun combat. Although it was a bit cheesy (since it was one-hit kill), it’s a boat load of fun. The memories.