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A Rush and a Push and the PageRank is Ours

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Knowing of Google’s recent algorithm update is being aware of the need to change our writing habit. We have already pushed ourselves to the limits and expanded our thoughts to the pinnacle of our intellect, yet things seem quite not right. Content—we all wonder how important this is to our blogs. If we want to get a piece of their indexing and crawling time, all we can do is to adhere to their set of laws, as if there is no other option but to follow THEIR rules.

Sometimes we blame it on Yahoo. Why did they allow Google to overpower them? Where in the world did they get that submissive act? That algorithm has both alarmed and served bloggers—yet in our terms, we always want one slick competition. Competition, that word always sounds good for us Internet users. If in case Yahoo—and even Bing, Ask, and all those minor search engines—copies the algorithm thing that makes every web owner crazy, we all end up being PageRank crazy.

And we all end up PageRank-crazy bloggers

On a different note, we bloggers should admit (even some blogging experts have announced that this Google PR issue has nothing to do with our sales and traffic) that we are still PR-obsessed people. It’s more evident in blogs that have been live for less than six months, most especially if these blogs were started with all obedience to all Google’s SEO rules. The green bar is pretty obsessive, right? It’s like playing a 1980’s Atari game—level one leads to severe addiction.

Blog Brevity

The recent algorithm update killed the 2010 blog brevity obsession. Now, everyone is pushing it to 400 words and up. Everyone is making it too long —like a male peacock seducing his long desired mate—to get the search engine’s attention. Yet somehow, this move shut down the popular adage that “content ‘quality’ is king”.

Blog brevity has been Google’s greatest inclusion to algorithm. However, that quality over quantity thing that gave birth to then-flourishing content and blog brevity is gone, admit it, and the new algo is like pushing a fake rhetoric to bloggers. The blah blah web contents are everywhere now, and it seem like they are having a good time jiving with copycat and revised articles ubiquitous on the Web.

Keyword stuffing is also back on their tracks. Having two thousand words about link building or a sleepy British Long Hair Cat looks a bit spacey for bloggers, so some of them just put all the ‘important’ links in it—stuff it ‘til it bloats. Yes, the majority of new posts today are bloated with keywords yet deflated by lack of imagination. And yes, many of the blogs today are experiencing a total influx of great modern web designs alongside expanded nonsense blog entries.

Nevertheless, two thousand words about a sleepy cat or a partygoer snail can still be a quality post as long as it delivers a worthy message that is helpful not only to its niche but to all of its readers. However, if you’re not that Google-subservient-type of blogger, you just stick with your style. Prioritizing a reader is better than obsessing over a green bar called PageRank.

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