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A Runner’s Diary: Running in the Heat!

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Our running coaches at the New York Road Runner’s Club keep telling us that it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, you still need to get out and run. Recently, there has been a huge heat wave across the country. Rumor has it that there is a dome sitting over the US, keeping the heat in.

What have we been doing? My daughter and I have been running at dusk. On the Long Beach Boardwalk, it’s been windy with a cool breeze. Sometimes, the wind has been so strong, it’s been nearly impossible for us to run. We run and the wind seems to push us back. It’s almost like a football player is standing in front of us holding us back and with all of our might we’re trying to push forward.

One night we ran on the boardwalk and the air was still. It was starting to get dark and was still warm, but not that warm so we ran our normal 3-mile run and, instead of fighting the elements, we fought off the mosquitos. My daughter was thoroughly bitten up after the run, and we drove over to the pharmacy to pick up medicine for her bug bites.

That evening after taking BENADRYL® and using After Bite®, she felt better and went to sleep early.

A day later, I was off to Florida to see my parents. I hadn’t exercised since the mosquito incident and was feeling very lazy when I got to my parent’s house in South Florida. I spent the first day just lounging around the house, talking with my parents. The next day, my daughter came out.

The heat was just as intense in Florida as it had been in New York. A lot of people said it was even cooler in Florida. But to me, 95 degrees or 110 degrees is still hot!

Since we couldn’t run during the day in the scorching sun, we decided to run in the evening when the sun went down.

My parent’s live in a senior development. So, the two of us ran through the complex. We ran in circles around the pool. We ran in circles around the parking lot, and we ran in circles in another section of the complex.

After two and a half miles, we went back to my parent’s apartment. We were dripping with sweat. Even though it was cooler, it was still hot. We took off our running gear and put on a bathing suit and proceeded to run to the development pool where we just jumped in. It was totally refreshing!


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  • Tomáš Hart

    Don’t forget to hydrate properly Hillary, not after but before you run. Adding some salt into your drink can be of great help.