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A Runner’s Diary: Running Another Half Marathon?

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As you read the title of this blog entry, you are probably thinking that I am “nuts.”

But yes, shin splints and all, I signed up for another half-marathon before completing my first one in Disney on January 8th.

I will be doing this first Disney Half with my running mate, Marti Dipaola, and I’m getting very nervous about it with my shin splints. But, I’m trying to rest as much as possible, ice my leg, wear compression sleeves, and take a lot of anti-inflammatory pills. I’m also eating ricotta cheese, since one of the articles I read on the Internet said ricotta cheese helps shin splints.

I signed up for both the NYC Half and the NYC Marathon. I won’t know if I got into the NYC Marathon for a while, but I’m really shooting to run in 2012. If you run nine New York Road Runner races and volunteer one time, you have automatic entry into the Marathon.

Team for Kids was the one I liked best. Team for Kids is a charity arm to the New York Road Runners. Since I am so impressed with the group and their organization of major events, I knew that the money was going to the right places – to help under-served kids get an opportunity.

Specifically, they offer free programs to 85,000 children in more than 400 schools and community centers in inner cities. They focus on nutrition and exercise to combat child obesity.

Now, I’m on a fund raising effort to raise $1310 to run in the NYC Half-Marathon.

“Why $1310?” I asked Ryan the program director at Team for Kids.

“It’s $100 per mile,” he told me.

Even though I haven’t run my first 13.1-mile race yet, I’m gearing up for another 13.1-mile race on March 20 in New York City. I’m looking forward to running for Team for Kids and I hope that you can help me by donating anything you can to the cause.

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  • Michelle Kennedy

    Hi and by the time you read this, CONGRATUALTIONS to you!

    I found your site while trying to google information for the Disney 1/2 marathon. (A friend of mine ran it today so I wanted to see her finish time).

    I too have been training to run but I am running the full Disney Marathon (tomorrow). Am also TOTALLY NERVOUS! I have never been a runner. It’s just something I decided to do back in August this past year so I have been training to do it.

    I have been blogging about my experience as well. My blogsite is: http://www.run26k.wordpress.com

    From the post you wrote, we seem to have a lot in common. And your running mate’s name caught my eye because my mother’s maiden name is “DePaola.”

    Anywho, I hope your shin splints will work themselves out. I have been dealing with back issues and my IT band.

    Just remember, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!”

    All the best to you!!! YOU CAN DO IT!