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A Runner’s Diary: Looking Good at the Gym

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In addition to running two to four times a week, I try to get to the gym to lift weights. Going to the gym will help me be a better runner because it will build up my endurance and strengthen my legs.

Whenever I go to the gym, I always feel so self-conscious about the way I look. You would think with all of my running and exercising that I would look amazing, but I don’t. I feel like my mid-section doesn’t really go with the rest of my body.

That is why, when a representative from FILA told me about the FILA Body Toning System, she said it would look like I’m five pounds lighter when I go to the gym. I didn’t really believe her. I have Miraclesuit® swimsuits and I don’t think I look any thinner in them than a regular bathing suit. I just thought it was the marketing and that was it.

When the FILA Space Dye Resistance Tank and Resistance Shorts arrived at my house, I couldn’t wait to try them on.

To me, it felt like sphanx. It was very tight material. I became skeptical. Will I look good, but be uncomfortable?

I slipped them on with ease. I thought I would have a much harder time getting them on.

The pink tie-dye top was really pretty. Then I slipped on the black resistance shorts. I was actually amazed at the way I felt and looked in them.

They were much more appealing than what I typically wear to the gym. They made me look good and they were extremely comfortable. I was impressed.

I read the label: “Specifically engineered for sporting activities by combining the proven stretch technology of Lycra fiber with demanding fabric performance standards to provide exceptional recovery power, fit and freedom of movement.”

According to the company, the FILA Body Toning System provides 41% more support than traditional polyester or spandex. The best part is, they are breathable and have a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you feeling comfortable all day.

FILA was right. I really enjoyed working out in this outfit. I didn’t feel self-conscience at all. I actually felt like I looked good for the first time!

The label also claims that there is a 50% increase in muscle workouts wearing these workout clothes.

It all sounds good, but it really works. I think I’m going to buy a bunch more FILA Body Toning workout clothes.

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