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A Runner’s Diary: Going On Hiatus

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The NYC Half Marathon added more stress to my body than I thought it would. It has taken a couple of weeks, but I am just about fully recovered. The only problem is the pain in my shins, which I’m hoping will go away shortly with rest and icing. After the race, it was amazing how the pain traveled throughout my body, starting with my head and going down to my toes. Every day it was a different ailment.

Like being pregnant and having a baby, the pain of childbirth slowly dissipates and soon thereafter, you are ready for another one. Well, now I am ready for another challenge.

Hilary TopperSince I never ran the Disney Half Marathon, I decided to go for it this time. The folks at Walt Disney World were so nice. They offered to comp Marti Dipaola and me for a ticket to run in the race because we were so sick last year and unable to run. This saved us more than $100.

However, there is still the hotel, the VIP area, the plane, and car rental costs. But, we’re not going to worry about any of this until October or November of this year. The race is on January 7, 2012 in the “wee” hours of the morning.

So for now, I’m going to take the next three weeks off from running. I’m going to put away all of my beautiful Brooks and Nike running clothes for a little while until my next race, which is a race to save the penguins. It takes place at the Bronx Zoo on April 30. After that, I’m going to attend a seminar on Chi Running. I look forward to filling you in on that as well.

Will I be a couch potato for the next three weeks? I don’t think so. I don’t really have to train for this marathon until three months prior to the event. But, I plan to work out with my trainer three times a week and will try to get in as much aerobic exercise as possible. I love spinning, so I may go back to that for a while.

The other thing I plan to do over the next three weeks is read a lot of books about running. I went to Borders bookstore in Westbury and purchased at least five books on running. I’m excited to dive into them.

And of course, I also plan on spending more time with my family. I feel like I neglected them during training. Now, I want to make up for lost time.

So until the next race at the end of April, I will be on hiatus.

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