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A Runner’s Diary: Excited About The Spring

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You’re probably thinking that I’m excited about spring because I could finally start to run outside. We’ve had more snow this year than ever before. So it really is hard to run outside. But the reason I’m excited about spring is, I could wear my new Brooks Equilibrium Running Clothes!

I noticed that Brooks had their new line out on their Facebook page. I had purchased a few items from one of the local running stores with the Brooks label – a windbreaker, Ghost2 and Adrenaline sneakers. And, I really enjoyed them so, I decided to look through their web site and check out the new spring items.

When I reached out and told them I was a blogger for Blogcritics, they offered to send me some items for review. When the box came to my office, I was so excited!

I received a pair of teal blue shorts with a white rim on the bottom. They call it HVAC Synergy short. It matched perfectly with the no sleeve white shirt with teal blue accents, which they call the Epiphany Sleeveless. The thing I loved about these items were that they really took the runner’s needs to heart. The shirt, which has UV protection, also has a small pocket in the front for a packet or two of Gu, the energy product to use during a long run. The shorts have pockets! You may think that it’s crazy for me to be excited about that, but all the other running shorts I have, do not have pockets and I’m always looking for somewhere to put stuff–money, my license, etc.

The Equilibrium line has moisture management in mind with all of the items, which don’t cling when you sweat.

I absolutely love the coral running t-shirt that has a teal blue rim. It also goes perfectly with the teal blue shorts. The color is so vibrant it just makes me feel happy when I put it on! The material is very soft and very comfortable. I can see myself comfortably wearing these items for hours on a warm spring day while I’m running a long run.

I also got a gray (which they call shadow) pair of shorts, which interestingly has a compression short component within the shorts. They call it a 2-in-1 6” essential short. They are extremely comfortable and versatile. The compression shorts has a moisture wicking boy short inside.

The Berry Diva Print Berry tank makes a perfect fit to the gray shorts. I love the color. It’s in the pink family and really stands out and makes a statement when you run or workout! The only thing I didn’t like about the tank was that the inside bra was rather small. I would have to wear a larger size to fit into it properly. What I really like is that it has a small pocket in the back for an iPod or iPhone.

I also got a white LSD (Light Weight Shelter Device) Lite Jacket in bright white and bright green. This is an amazing jacket and totally essential for both spring and summer. It stows in it’s own pocket and really is convenient. This ultra light jacket is perfect for a passing-raining day! I love that it is so light and feels so comfortable when I wear it. The hood roll into itself and it is totally breathable. I also was happy to see that there was a side pocket for storage during the run and the best part, you can fold it up into a little light weight ball and toss it in your pack while you run in case you get caught in the rain.

What I was most excited about was the winter plum infiniti thermal hoodie. Why? Well for starters I can wear it now! It’s made of breathable materials but has that extra coat of warmness for the coldest of weather. This too has pockets on either side. One pocket is specifically geared for your MP3 player by having a separate spot for it. I also love the hoodie and the fact that this jacket keeps your hands warm by providing extra material where it almost fits like a glove.

The interesting thing about Brooks is that on every piece of clothing, they have a mantra that says, “We design our technical apparel using advanced fabric technologies so you’ll run energized, focused, comfortable–and happy.”

Brooks, with your new line of spring clothes geared for the runner’s needs in mind, you made me happy! I can’t wait for spring!

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  • I’ve always noticed how ridiculous it is that workout clothes (especially for women) don’t have pockets.

  • Hilary Topper

    I totally agree! I find myself running with stuff in my hands… It’s ridiculous! The Brooks stuff is pretty good! Thanks for your comments!