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A Runner’s Diary: Christmas in November

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I love Nike products. Through the years, I have made lots of Nike purchases—running clothes, golf clothes, golf shoes, running shoes, and more. I buy Nike because of its quality, even if sometimes it’s more expensive than other brands. So when Nike approached me to try out some of their running products for this column, I was thrilled!

The other day, Kristie Galvani (my Senior VP at HJMT) and I went to New Jersey for a new business meeting. When we came back to Long Island, we walked into my office and found two big boxes on my desk.

“Oh, I wonder what that is?” I said to her.

She stuck around while I opened the boxes. I found two pairs of Nike running sneakers (Lunareclipse and Lunarglide +2), two purple sports bras, a pair of running slacks and a gray shirt for running.

“It’s Christmas in November,” I cheerfully said.

I proceeded to try everything on. The sports bras were very different than any other sports bras I have seen. They actually work like a regular bra by opening up in the back but they are pretty like a traditional sports bra! The other unique aspect of these bras is that they have adjustable shoulder straps. I never saw that before.

I’ve had a lot of problems with sports bras in the past. Sometimes I even found myself wearing two when working out or running. Marti DiPaola, my running partner, suggested a different brand that opened half way in the back. I thought that was revolutionary. But, when I saw the new Nike sports bra I changed my mind.

The other thing I found interesting was the running top. I loved the fact that it had breathable panels in key spots. I sweat so much when running, any help on the breathe ability side is great.

There is a small tab on the back of the shirt. At first I thought it was a reflector, and then I realized it’s both a reflector and a place to put your headphones so that they don’t get all messed up while you run. (I don’t know about you, but I’m always adjusting my earphones.)

The Nike running slacks are beautiful—well, beautiful to a runner! They are slim-fitting with faux leather on the legs that are also breathable. Behind the knee is a netting to keep you cool when you sweat. And, I love the zipper on the legs and the way the bottom of the slacks fit tightly around your ankle.

I immediately tried out the Lunarglide 2 to see if they fit and how they felt. I ran around my block just to get a sense of the feel of them and soon noticed that they cupped the back of my heal and had gentle cushioning around it. The balls of my feet had less cushioning. I also noticed that they didn’t have much of an arch. But they were extremely comfortable.

Next, I also tried the Lunareclipse to see the difference. They were unbelievably comfortable. I was delighted to run and walk in these beauties! I wanted to see what was said about these two sneakers on the Internet and found that they both received excellent reviews from other bloggers.

With Thanksgiving coming right up and Christmas around the corner, I actually got a jump-start on the holidays by getting my holiday present early from Nike. Thanks, Nike!

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