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A Rock Creed

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Link found at The Morning News.. Entitled “A Brief Catechism of Rock Shows” My favorite section, the creed that all rock show-goers should adhere to:

I believe in Iggy, Jimi, Chryssie, and Joe Strummer, the Parents Almighty, Creator of heaven on earth; I believe in Malcolm McClaren and Sid Vicious, His only Son. I believe in punk, lo-fi and gangsta, indie, post-punk, indie-pop, rock, singer-songwriter, and insurgent country, conceived by Uncle Tupelo, born of Jeff Tweedy who suffers, as does Lou Barlow. I believe in Squirrelbait and Johnny Cash. I believe in the Motor City. I will respectfully love and fear Tad. I believe in Superchunk and PJ Harvey. I believe in new bands and will never pretend to know music I have never heard, so my mind may stay open and I will sitteth at the right hand of Mission of Burma so I may one day ascend to heaven, where I will be greeted by Sonic Youth, Eazy-E, and Mike Watt. I will not listen to rock critics, but trust my own ears. I believe in DIY, zines, Yo La Tengo, the communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of Cobain, and rock everlasting. Amen.

Though, i’d add… it is ok to listen to Blogcritics cuz we be peeps..

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  • ClubhouseCancer

    So many people have sent me this, I long for the days of the dancing hamster.

    If I have to believe in all that crap just to go to a show, I’ll stay home and listen to ELO.

    There’s no catechism necessary:
    Music IS a prayer.

  • I though the holy trinity were Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Or was it Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes?