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A Road to Peace Between the Children of Abraham: Cracking the Qur’an Code by Lowell Gallin

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The news out of the Middle East these days is not very heartening or happy. Rumors are flying that there will be a war this summer or next. The mood here is dark and foreboding, with folks waiting for the other missile shoe to drop. There are stories like this one, detailing how Iran is getting hold of enriched uranium, or this story, detailing how the American head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff refuses to say that Americans won't shoot down IDF jets flying on a raid over Iran. With a "friend" like that, who needs enemies? The war rumors are backed up by a think tank predicting war, and previous experience has indicated that Israel is just not prepared for the kind of missile assault it suffered in 2006. In addition, there are the threats and counter-threats from Israel and Syria each warning that the other will be sent back to the Stone Age, or some other prehistoric era.

That's just on the overseas front. Domestically, we face the problem of one of the country's premier English speaking news outlets, Ha'aretz, committing espionage, hiding evidence, and harboring a fugitive from justice who has taken sensitive documents from a young woman in the IDF who stole them while serving as a soldier in the that military establishment. According to news reports, she was the product of left-wing anti-Israel professors. Then there is this story, detailing how "left wing" Israelis are working hard for the destruction of the country they call home, and how Ha'aretz is doing its damndest to defend them. And what of Ha'aretz itself? Well, according to Steven Plaut, that newspaper is partly owned by a German holding company, DuMont Schauberg, which made its money off of goods and property stolen from Jews during WWII. So now, instead of merely the "semi-official newspaper, Ha'aretz" we now have the "semi-official and Nazi-affiliated newspaper, Ha'aretz." Is this good news or bad news?

Finally, we have this nasty little tale on the real relationships between police and Arabs in these tense times, and what results when Arab terrorists are allowed to incite violence unchecked, which is pretty much the case these days in Israel.

In the face of all this, an Israeli could easily say of the Arabs, "as far as I am concerned, they can all die." That indeed was one comment I encountered recently from a friend of mine. There is much bitterness between Arabs and Jews over the conflict they have been herded into over the Land of Israel. But I assert that there is a road to peace between the Children of Abraham – and this road is definitely not the road to suicide and war pushed by the United States and its straw boss in the region, the thugdom of the ibn-Sauds. Only a very stupid or very intimidated Jew would take that path. And there are many very stupid and very many intimidated Jews in the world today, both here in Israel and overseas.

The first stone that was moved to building a road to real peace was an essay by Dr. Asher Eder written over 40 years ago in 1969, while the Israelis were still fighting a War of Attrition over the Suez with Egypt. In this essay, Peace is Possible Between Ishmael and Israel According to the Qur'an and the Tanakh, he described the verses in the Qur'an which grant the Children of Israel perpetual ownership over the Land of Israel. He gave a detailed breakdown so that any believing Muslim could see the truth drawn not from the Torah, our holy book, but the Qur'an, his own holy book.

In much the same fashion that the short story, The Sentinel, was the seminal work for the novel, 2001, this essay by Dr. Asher Eder has been the seminal work that has helped bring forth Lowell Gallin's groundbreaking book, Cracking the Qur'an Code: God’s Land, Torah and People Covenants with Israel in the Qur’an and Islamic Tradition.

The primary market for this book is Muslims: the Qur'an is their holy book, and it is they who need to see the truth drawn out for them, rather than the hate literature of the Wahhabi heretics who have infested Islam and who make a mockery of it with their control of Makka and Medina. And Professor Fazal ur-Rehman Afridi, a Muslim from Pakistan, has written a review of this work at his site, The Balkanization of Pakistan. Let us have a peek at at just one paragraph.

When one finishes the book, he finds himself in present day world with Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, Dr. Asher Eder, Reuven Kossover, and Lowell Gallin, preaching peace and understanding between the Children of Ismail and Jacob. I would like to extend my thanks to Lowell Gallin for providing us with this great opportunity of traveling on a fascinating spiritual and historical journey through the objective prism of Qur’anic teachings.

This is the reason why I cannot write a review of this book. Having contributed to it and helped edit it, it would be incestuous of me to attempt one, to say the least.

But I did manage to get an interview with the author, Lowell Gallin. We sat in the empty waiting room of the closed blood lab of the Maccabi Health Clinic in Jerusalem on a Wednesday afternoon as I put a number of questions to my friend and colleague.

What inspired this book?

There was no such book and I thought there should be such a book. The book is composed of essays – but the "reactor core" of the book are the Sacred Verses which are divided into five sections:

  1. God's Land Covenant with Israel,
  2. God's Torah Covenant with Israel,
  3. God's People Covenant with Israel,
  4. The Eternal Capital of the Israelite Kingdom of David and Solomon, and
  5. The Tabernacle – references to the First, Second and Third Temples (Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Qur'an by name – it is not mentioned in the Torah by name, either).

Why should a Muslim be interested in a Jew explaining his book to him? Doesn't that seem arrogant?

The book is written in honor of and based on the teachings of Dr. Asher Eder of Jerusalem, and Sheikh Professor Abdulhadi Palazzi of Rome, Italy. I acted as a scribe or recording secretary to put their teachings in book form. Sheikh Palazzi recommended that we use the English translation of and commentary of the Qur'an by Professor Abdullah Yusuf Ali – his English translation and commentary on the Qur'an is the one most respected by Muslims world wide. Note that the 3rd Edition of Prof. Ali's Commentary was published in Lahore, India, in 1938. It is critical to use a modern version of this work that is absolutely faithful to this 1938 3rd Edition, not one corrupted by "Saudi" or Wahhabi publishing houses. The two "kosher" publishing houses today of this work [Ali, Abdullah Yusuf. The Holy Qur’an: Text, Translation and Commentary] are Goodword Books, New Delhi, India, (e-mail: info@goodwordbooks.com) and Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an, Inc. Elmhurst, New York, (e-mail: read@koranusa.org).

Why and how does one make this claim? What do you mean by "kosher" editions?

A. In the original commentary Prof. Ali used the word "God" whereas the "improved" Wahhabi versions use "Allah" – the "improvers," the Wahhabi, believe that Allah cannot be translated. This is just a way to identify the tampered translation.

B. In the original commentary, Prof. Ali had many positive comments about other religions, Hindus, Zoroastrians, as well as Jews and Christians. The "improved versions" remove all of these.

You say you merely are a scribe or recording secretary. Sheikh Palazzi has a website where his own teachings are made very clear. Why this book, then?

This is the first book to give all qur'anic references to the five subjects I mentioned above. Professor Ali gives the majority opinions, and where applicable, he mentions minority commentators as well. You get from Professor Ali a "sense of the Muslim consensus". The book has a section on the work of Salah Choudhoury, a Bangladeshi journalist who is a Muslim Zionist, and a section on pro-Israel ethnic Turkic (Sunni Muslim majority) nations. It should be noted here that the Muslim world is not all anti-Israel, nor is it necessarily united in its politics, and we non-Muslims do not really comprehend it very well.

Somehow there is a disconnect here. Why is it that so many régimes, particularly Turkey, are so hostile to Jews and Israel if Muslims supposedly are not?

Muslims where? Albanian, Azerbaijani, and the Central Asian Turkic republics have strong diplomatic, economic and military relations with Israel. What about everybody else? The North African nations are not really Arabs. Ethnically, they are not Arabs at all. What about the Pakistani, the millions of Muslims in India? What about the Malaysians, the Indonesians, the rebels in the Philipines? What about the Arab nations and the Muslim "diaspora" in Europe and elsewhere? What function does the Jew-hatred, anti-Israel sentiment, and holocaust denial serve in these countries? It's really very simple.

The autocratic régimes, if you want to even call them that, can deflect the rage of their own people at the inablility of these régimes to provide anything. These societies are nightmares, they are living hell on earth. Their leaders say to themselves, "You cannot blame yourself, you cannot blame your elders, you cannot blame G-d." Some blame the Jews for the poverty. That's how these régimes survive. That's how the so-called "Palestinian" society survives. Their basic attitude is "someone else is always responsible for our mess".

Who funds all this? "Saudi" Arabia, Quwait, and the Gulf States are funding this world-wide. This is the "public" face of "Islam." What you are really seeing is the public face of Wahhabism pretending to be Islam.

What is Wahhabism? Why is it so bad?

Wahhabism is the tribal religious cult of the al-Saud tribe of Nejd in Arabia. Wahhabis believe that all NON-WAHHABIS are not really Muslims. ONLY Wahhabis are true Muslims. Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims, in Wahhabi eyes, are NOT Muslims. All non-Muslims are fair game for murder, rape, theft, and torture. They make videos of the "fair game." Like fourteen year old school girls, or Daniel Pearl who was beheaded. Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and the Taliban are all Wahhabi in theology and are funded from "Saudi" Arabia. Their oil money funds all these terror activities and wars.

The Wahhabi call themselves Salafi. Too many call them "jihadists", or "Islamo-fascists" or "Islamic fundamentalists." These names mean nothing and only mislead and cover up the true evil – the true people who are carrying on and inciting war between the Children of Abraham.

Thank you very much.

The road to peace between the Children of Abraham will not be through a "two state solution." The goal of the Wahhabi based Hamas and PLO is to murder off all the Jews in Israel. So a "two state solution is nonsense. The resident Arabs in the Land of Israel understand this more and more daily, seeking instead, a one-state solution where they are full citizens of the nation. Why? Because they themselves see that the terror groups set over them as dictators by the Israeli government (no, that was not a mistake in my typing) cannot and will not provide a decent régime of decent life for the resident Arabs of the Land of Israel. What they will provide is the same nightmare society that Muslims have across Arabia and North Africa. Societies that are non-functional.

Cracking the Qur'an Code shows an entirely different route – the route of shared faith by two religions that finally understand that their holy books are in accord on the goal of establishing an Israelite entity in this country. If the members of both faiths can share that same vision – and implement it – that will be peace.

Cracking the Qur'an Code: God's Land, Torah and People Covenants with Israel in the Qur'an and Islamic Tradition (Jerusalem: Root and Branch Association, Ltd., Print and E-Book Editions. Copyright © Lowell Gallin, 2009). On sale now at Lulu.com. Bulk order discounts and worldwide shipping are both available.

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About Ruvy

Hi!! Thanks for coming to my article! I was raised in Brooklyn, was graduated from the City University of New York in 1978 with a BA in political science and public administration there. I lived in Minnesota for a number of years. There I managed restaurants and wrote stories. We moved with our children family to Israel where we now reside. My work can be found at Ruvy's Roost, Jewish Indy,, and on Facebook under my full name, Reuven Kossover
  • Irene Wagner

    I must’ve gotten distracted by something shiny there, for a minute, Ruvy, in midsentence. The lost tribal brothers now call themselves Muslims. If they cease doing so…then Many millions of our lost tribal brothers now call themselves Muslims. If they cease doing so.. then giving Arabs who had property here in 1947 compensation for that property will be in order.

    OK, so what you’re saying is that as long as there are enough Jews in Israel for it to maintain its cultural and religious identity, you aren’t going to be kicking any harmless non-Jews out? Sounds good to me. If I knew how to mercifully and justly untangle the immigration mess we have over here in the US, I’d be better able to tell you how to do it in your country, but I will say the plan sounds heavier on the mercy than I thought it did before you explained it more. OK. Peace to you, too.

  • Irene,

    Stop acting as if you are at the shouk and pay attention.

    The Hotovely Plan consists of these elements.

    1. Israeli law is extended throughout Judea and Samaria. No more PA, no more Americans, loud mouthed Scandos, Brits or other detestable Euro-trash sticking their long noses in our affairs.

    2. The Arabs who live here become what is known as ger tosháv. They do not change religion or anything else. They receive Israeli passports. They have full civil rights and with time get full political rights as well.

    3. The Hotovely Plan contemplates the inmigration of 1 million Jews into the country to offset the increased Arab population.

    That is the Hotovely Plan.

    Now we move on to other issues. A peace deal would mean that the Arab states recognize as ours what the Qur’an gives us – “lands east and west”. In other words, all of what is known as Israel, and very possibly a good chunk of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The Arabs ditch the Wahhabi and their poisonous attitudes – and welcome us to the land. IN RETURN, those Arabs who fled this country in 1948-9 get compensation for the losses they suffered. Once they get that compensation, UNWRA gets closed down and the refugee camps close as well.

    Now, let’s toss in the last element from comment #17. If the Pashtun decide to return to the Tent of Jacob, and leave the Tent of Ishmael (they are the Children of Jacob, our brothers), it would work a revolution in what is now called “Judaism”. The Jews would be a minority of the Israelites, and the whole religion would have to be reworked to accommodate the fact that the Tribes had been reassembled. Then we have a whole different kettle of fish because all of a sudden there would be room in the vastly expanded Land of Israel for the reassembled Tribes (Jews and Pashtun). Do the Arabs get kicked out? No.

    We welcome our brothers home and treat our cousins as family, not strangers. And we bury the hatchet.

    I’m simplifying. There is more to all of this than I just described, but the bottom line is that we pursue justice, tempered with mercy.

    That is what a solution based on the Torah and the Qur’an gets us.


  • Irene Wagner

    …Why do I feel like I’m haggling at a mid Eastern market right now? LOL…as far as I’m hearing, the Hotovely Plan is not precisely what I suggested, in that I wouldn’t require all those who’d owned land in Israel pre-1948 to become Jewish, or to have any religion at all, in order to get it back. Messiah will straighten out what may be amiss in that regard when He gets here. I’d absolutely keep as a requirement that they’d not be traitors to the Jewish state. I understand you have objections to “pagan idols being set up in the land” though I don’t see the Tourist Industry wanting to shut down the Bethelem sites or the Via Dolorosa anytime soon….

    …this bargaining could go on for quite a while, Ruvy, but I’ve run out of shekels and time…and of course, the wee bit of influence I had to begin with. Shalom and Good Luck!

  • Irene,

    A lot of your questions in the latter part of your comment depend on how this initiative works out. There are more issues here than merely cutting a peace deal.

    Many millions of our lost tribal brothers now call themselves Muslims. If they cease doing so, and return to Tent of Jacob, then giving Arabs who had property here in 1947 compensation for that property will be in order.

    If those millions of Pashtun do return to the Tent of Jacob, lots of them will be coming home. And the fact of the matter is that I AM living on occupied territory that is not mine; it belongs to the Tribe of Ephraim, or to use their modern name, the Afridi. The Yusufzai come from the city of Sh’khem, the City of Joseph – what the Arabs call Nablus. And the Rabanizai are the Tribe of Reuven. In other words, the réassemblagement of the Tribes of Israel is a distinct possibility in the not too distant future. And this would render Arab land claims here subject to compensation, so that our cousins who fled not be left without a decent patrimony.

    The Hotovely plan, which MK Tzipora Hotovely (Likud) introduced as an alternative to the poisonous “two-state” solution that the American and European governments want to ram down our throats, calls for precisely what you suggested – giving the Arabs who live in Judea and Samaria ger tosháv status – which is the Hebrew name for what you described. Am I talking about generosity here? No, Irene, I’m talking about justice, tempered with mercy.

  • Irene Wagner

    Cheering on, not sneering on, Roger the medic. POW! LOL! Ohp! it’s not Pentecost yet. See ya.

  • Ruvy the medic.

  • Irene Wagner

    Following up on Zing’s comments, missed opportunities for marketing abound on this page. Why is the picture and link and opportunity to buy the Qur’an immediately visible, whereas a prominent picture leading to the same opportunity for “Cracking the Qur’an Code” missing? At first glance, congratulations for editing “something” make it look like Ruvy has edited the Koran, and I’d be only slightly more interested in that than I would be in a version of the Gospels that Ruvy had edited!

    A book that you’d edited, Ruvy, on modern day Israel, and how pre-Messianic peace might be achieved there, is another story. I’m interested in every Israeli’s perspective on this, including yours, not so that I can encourage my government to intervene, but so that I can encourage my government to let people like you who live there work it out themselves.

    I DID and DO recognize that Cracking is an appeal to Muslims in general to see the distinction between an interpretation of the Qur’an that would wipe Israel off the map, versus an interpretation that is true to the spirit of the prophets of your common Book.

    I drew conclusions about other points I thought you were trying to make from links that you posted external to your article. I got a kick out of the Janeane Garofalo and Al Franken look-alikes in the video, by the way, but I refer to the articles that describe the dissatisfaction non-Jews living in Israel have with the PA. Because you posted them, you were, I had assumed, interested in building an Israel where Jews and non-Jews alike would co-exist, as long as the latter were not interested in destroying Israel from within, and I agree that a two state solution would be one in which the latter could recruit and plan unmolested, and is therefore, undesirable.

    Bearing especially in mind your focus on the Law and the Prophets, the common book of the Jews and the Muslims–count me, a Christian out, if you need to, but I don’t count myself out– consider Leviticus: But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your G-d.” Does the stranger include the non-Jewish refugees who’ve already been shuttled from pillar to post by those of various religious and irreligious persuasions for more than a generation now? Does it include non-Jews whose families had deeds to property in Palestine prior to 1947? This gets tricky, I know, there were Jews thrown off their property after Balfour and pre-1948, but I think you know what I’m getting at. Those who hold to what they consider a higher standard, need to hold to all aspects of that higher standard, both in matters of justice (severely, if need be, after all due consideration) and mercy.

    I can only stand at the side-lines and watch, and cheer on all efforts being made BY ISRAELIS toward authentic peace in Israel, a peace that recognizes God’s forever promises to Israel, efforts that include yours, but –you should be happy about this– are not limited to yours.

  • “and I going on the offensive with our allies, both Muslim and Jewish . . .”

    That’s the ticket. Building coalitions is the answer.

  • This newsbrief in Arutz Sheva makes clear that Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza DO NOT want a “two-state” solution. They want a ONE STATE SOLUTION. I think most of them have the sense to realize that Israelis will rule that one state….

  • zing,

    Thank you for your kind words. I wish I could say they have made my day but frankly a loan of a few thousand shekels is what I need to do that.

    The ideas you see in this article have been the ideas that have been guiding me for quite some time. My friend Lowell Gallin finally decided to stop hustling other people’s books and write his own, and the concepts you see in this book, he shares with me. Unfortunately, this book should have been written five years ago. But I can’t cry over that now. A solid guide in writing has been needed for some time, and it is finally written.

    I know I sound like a hustler here, but the e-book from Lulu.com will set you back only $12, and it is worth reading.

    Remember, in reading it, should you decide to buy it, that your are reading a lot of my ideas as well. Lowell and I track on the vast majority of ideas expressed in the book that are not verses from the Qur’an or commentaries on those verses. And bear in mind further that the root concept for this was planted in 1969 by a man who is now old, but whose mind is still sharp and clear, Dr. Asher Eder.

    It is one thing to look at bitter realities and existential threats, and to contrive solutions to deal with them. That is most of what you have been reading in my comments and articles here. They have been defensive in nature, as they have had to be.

    It is quite another to build explosives to destroy a structure of evil, and more than anything else, this book is Lowell and I going on the offensive with our allies, both Muslim and Jewish, to destroy a structure of terrible evil and to build a better world. There is no better defense than a good offense.

  • zingzing

    wow, ruvy. i am very impressed. that may not mean much to you, but i say it sincerely. you show restraint and an understanding i would have thought all but lost on you recently. clapclapclapclap. this is more like it. a two-state solution has seemed like the best idea for a while, considering that no one was going for the “just live in peace” thing for so long, but it’s not ideal. if you can help make this REAL PEACE happen… well, i dunno what i’d do with myself.

    (you should make it more clear that you helped edit the book–i mean that little two sentence paragraph where you say you can’t review the book makes less sense if the reader doesn’t know your last name. i know it, and it passed right by me. say something like “i’m the reuven above” or something.)

    either way, i have to say that after all my bashing you over the last few weeks, i am humbled. you’ve messed up my ideas of you. your bad ideas are still bad, but based on this, i’d have to say there is a part of you on a track i can admire… don’t let that dissuade you.

    peaceful co-existence is the goal. i commend you. good job.

  • Finally, I thought I would leave you with an idea of how other Israelis view the American president.

  • Irene,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    This reconciliation HAS to be carried out on a person by person, Israeli-to-Israeli basis.
    It can’t be superimposed by foreign governments. It can’t even be superimposed by your government.

    The issue here is not what the traitorous government here does, and if you think this is a matter of reconciling Israeli Arabs (or resident Arabs in the Land of Israel) to Israeli Jews, you are missing the mark altogether.

    This book is the first step to planting a land mine under the Wahhabi power-structure. This is the power-structure beneath the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood (and by extension, the PLO and Hamas), al-Qaeda – most of the non-Shi’a “Muslim” terrorists. Arabs will wind up a small minority in this country, and are not the big issue here. The cancerous Wahhabi terror movement that presently controls them is. In the end, they and other Muslims have to see the Wahhabi for the heretics to Islam they are, and get rid of them, with or without help.

  • Irene Wagner

    But I messed up the English: prophecy.

  • Irene Wagner

    That sounds like good news to me, Ruvy, and I’m glad you got the opportunity to be involved in this effort to build bridges of understanding between people of different faiths in the land of Israel.

    Revelation of the meaning of prophesy comes no sooner than it is meant to come (Daniel 12:8, in the book that he transcribed, I heard but I understood not! but it sure seems to me that the reestablishment of Israel will be followed by horrors that only the intervention of Messiah can stop. We don’t know when that will be, though,…7, 8 years…700…?…

    In the meantime, the very best thing the peoples of various faiths in Israel can do is to understand the hurt that EVERYONE in your land has suffered, the Jews (you know how much) and Muslims (your author friends know how much) and Christians (my Middle Eastern brothers and sisters involved with Musalaha know how much.) In the poet Rumi’s time, Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived together and enjoyed culture, poetry and music and all of it together. It could happen again.

    This reconciliation HAS to be carried out on a person by person, Israeli-to-Israeli basis.
    It can’t be superimposed by foreign governments. It can’t even be superimposed by your government.

    Since you didn’t correct MARK’s Hebrew, I guess I’ll say the same thing. MAZEL TOV! It’s published!

  • This article is enlightening. It deals with why Arabs don’t want anything to do with the (American backed) corrupt pigs in Ramallah, and less and less to do with Hamas. It’s obvious to them that a “Palestine” would be another nightmarish non-functional Arab society.

  • Mark

    mazel tov

  • This is an intelligent discussion about the road to take to peace, but now the parties have to walk down that road together.

  • Wow, I second that. Very interesting, Ruvy! I will need to read a few times to really grasp it.

  • Well, well. Very interesting.