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A Review of the Apple iPad 2

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iPad 2, the new wonder from Apple, is really…wonderful! Featuring a dual-core 1 GHz processor, the tablet is available in 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage, contains a 9.7-inch screen and can run more apps than you can possibly imagine.

In addition, there are classic apps such as iMovie and GarageBand getting a new lease on life. iMovie is a non linear tool used to create video montages; the app makes it easy to create movies by adding audio, special effects and transitions. iMovie has been available for nearly every Apple computer for the past ten years, though it was completely redone and revitalized to coincide with the release of this tablet and the iPhone 4. With iPad 2, iMovie is really fast and easy to use; you can combine, move, and create videos on the fly using just your finger.

The new iPad has two great cameras and iMovie works perfectly on the multi-touch screen, produces beautiful 720p videos, and movies can be wirelessly uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video-sharing service. The case (sold separately) was also custom manufactured to fit flawlessly over the tablet, protecting the internals while leaving access to all the plug-ins and cameras.

Whereas gameplay was limited on the first generation of the iPad due to the lack of processing power, the second generation iPad plays anything perfectly and seamlessly.  With increased battery and more processing power, the games are fast, 3D parts are highly detailed and gaming is now one of the iPad’s stronger features.

As an example, Dead Space HD boasts new and improved graphics, and on the iPad 2, it can compete with even the best console games. Real Racing 2 HD? Equally impressive, and if you use the HDMI adapter for the iPad 2, you will notice the quality of this racing game on a 1080p device.

With iPad 2, FaceTime becomes a reality with the introduction of the dual cameras.  FaceTime is a software integrated in iOS devices like iPhone 4, iPod Touch (4th Generation) and of course iPad 2. Using FaceTime on the iPad is very intuitive, as you can call a Mac or another iOS device with FaceTime active and running on a Wi-Fi network.

Utilizing both Wi-Fi and 3G networks, free video calls can be made to anyone, anywhere in the world. The sound and picture are phenomenal, even with a screen protector. Although the camera is not the best camera, it does shoot video at 1080p HD.

When the original iPad appeared, there was very little competition and Apple was able to utilize the momentum that it had built up with their music players and phones. Now, the new iPad is filled to capacity with features and impressive specs to compete with the ever-growing line of tablets that are flooding the market. This new generation of iPad has enough new options and features to position itself as one of the winners in the growing tablet competition.

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