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A Recipe for Contempt of Court

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I’m sitting at home having a hot-dog and Rafael Palmiero tells us all with a wagging finger that he never used steroids period, o.k., who cares? What I care about is President Bush saying how he knows Rafael and he believes that his story is the truth, probably because he looked into his eyes and saw his soul or something. Mr. Bush has a clear pattern and it is not only scary, it is way too easy for him to weigh in and claim innocence for anyone and everyone, giving me the clear impression that he not only has contempt for the court system, he is seasoned at it, much like his brother Jeb.

The icing on the cake would be for President Bush to make a statement saying he knows Martha well, and if she says she wasn’t at yoga, well, I believe her. Myself, I could really go for some almond paste cookies -now that is something Martha can do! What she shouldn’t do is complain so much about how irritating it is to be confined to her 14 million dollar home. Complain how the ankle bracelet hurts or, for that matter, how inconvenient or otherwise annoying it is to miss some yoga lessons. Martha, I know you understand the practice of canning, I suggest you can it yourself.

The unfortunate problem here is that many more people need a little slapping down to humble their earthly arrogance. Now Martha, she’ll be perfect as puddin’ , no tears for her, she is an icon for better or worse, and she makes a killer almond paste cookie. But I ask you, are there any people of influence and wealth alive who appreciate and adhere to the law? Is it possible that our laws are nothing more than an inconvenience to athletes, entertainers, musicians, politicians and the like? I do not believe that, but I do believe we are in an unprecedented period of disregard for the courts in America.

The present situation is fueled by the right-wing constant barrages about how liberal the courts are in America. They are out of control the right wing will claim. And by doing so, putting a cloud over the entire system. This in turn breeds contempt for the very system we count on. Why should rich politicians tell the truth to say a Grand Jury if they do not perceive the jury as so grand?Why tell the truth to judges if you think they are irreligious libertines? I do not know about you, but I believe in the court system. It is not without its faults for sure, but if a judge gives me a directive I am going to do what he or she says.

If I swear upon a Bible, I will swear to tell the truth. I find it interesting that some of Bush’s people claim they are Christian’s and swear upon Bible to say the truth, then find it so easily do otherwise. Obviously they justify their means much the way past Republicans have, by stating it is for the greater good. But is it? Is it for the greater good if our courts are disrespected by people as high up as cabinet members? We need integrity and we need it badly. I will give up almond paste cookies for just the chance to return to judicial sanity, for just a taste of the days of yore, when Americans respected the courts and the rule of law. I can almost smell that sweet apple pie now.

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  • Balletshooz

    Thanks for bringing up a good point about how the court system is under attack by politicians, I dont think they deserve it.

  • Nancy

    To answer your question, No: there are no people of wealth or influence alive who have any regard or respect for the law or the courts. That they are wealthy and/or influential convinces them that they are above or unconnected with the law, or, as Leona Helmsley infamously put it: the law is for the little people [not me].