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A real real scoop from Israel!

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Listen well! This is a historic moment, globally.

To-day we are witnessing here in Tel-Aviv the birth of the first, of the very very first rally…

Don’t cut me, I know that rallies are as old as the cave aboriginal, if I’m not mistaken.

But this one, brothers and sisters, is a rally unheard of and unseen yet:

The Geneve Accord Interactive Rally On the Net.
“Say Yes to Peace!”
Sorry, not yet an English version, and to the best of my knowledge, not an Arabic version yet either – hopefully they’re on their way.

The people you see waving placards are not that anonymous. You can choose an image (no cosmetic operation involved) and Hop! it is there waving the placard you’ve chosen.
“Talk Peace!”

“We Agree – for our children!”
“Come Say Shalom!”
“Sharon, Get out of Gazza – Fly to Geneve!”

But, unlike the snail-rally, here you can post a comment and, by now. close to one hundred thousand people might read you and respond fiercely/lovingly, etc.

Each 15 minutes you may view and listen to another speaker/singer/performer, like in a real rally.

Perfectly safe, safely organized, no expenses incurred upon the police and the municipality, no papers and trash left all over the piazza – Go For the Geneve Agreement!

Who says War and Peace cannot be real fun?!

Aren’t we brilliant?

and here is the real thing.

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  • I’m happy for you.

    Congrats. =)

  • Shark

    And no tear gas!

    But when the cops want to break it up, they instigate an endless series of pop-up windows showing nude jpgs of Sharon and Arafat!

    Man, that clears “the streets”!

  • I wrote a post recently along these lines asking if the best thing to do would be to give these terrorists what they want – martyrdom.

  • I’m not sure which lines you mean, my Elliot? Theirs?

    I do not share your conclusions.
    Life and Death are not electronic games.

    Martyrs have been born in every culture even before Jesus, so Martyrdom is not an Islamic invention.

    Now, isn’t it no less important to see what can be modified in our cultures of violence? Do you really believe that such an one-sided reaction – outward and never inward – can be that effective?

  • Hi Shark, I could count on you for a humorous angle. No, the police here is not that scheming when it comes to rallies at the Rabin Piazza – and the right, count on this, will soon set up their own interactive rally on the net – so the ballance of fear will keep us out of wrong’s way. The only danger might come from … well I’ll rather not put ideas in you-know-who’s head…

  • Why, this is GREAT! The evil Palestinians will now stop MURDERING JEWS EVERY CHANCE THEY GET, and we’ll have peace.

    In what way do you even try to convince yourself that some cheap foolishness like this will help in even the least bit to stop the Palestinian genocide against the Jews?

  • Oh, dear Al, I overlooked the possibility that not all the world knows Hebrew and about the Geneve Accord’s existence. This “rally” was a brilliant gimmick to further publicize it. Among the speakers were the Palestinian who worked with the Israeli team (headed by Beilin) on the Accord.
    I’m going now to insert a link to the full info on the Geneve Accord from Haaretz online at the fifth line of this post of mine.

  • not really from Haaretz, but better still… Surprise!

  • JR

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that on more than one occasion a Palestinian has had the chance to murder a Jew but didn’t.

  • You are not wrong, JR.

  • FYI, please note that I’ve just added a link to Geneve Accord Initiative at the bottom of this post. a click away…