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A Question Posed to Misguided Yokels

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Today I had the displeasure of observing a rather inflamatory bumper sticker on a parked car

The sticker did have the intended effect; it pissed me off. Anyone can put whatever they want on a bumper sticker and obviously anyone will to sway the election, but this sentiment is something that has been echoed and spread by the Washington “elite”, ala Cheney and Hastert. I would simply love to question anyone who believes in this nonsesne — What exactly makes Kerry Bin Laden’s man?

Is it…

  • The fact that Kerry understands al Qaeda and Bin Laden had no ties to Iraq?
  • The fact that Bush diverted resources and troops from Afghanistan to Iraq, effectively letting Bin Laden escape?
  • The fact that Bush has spurred terrorist recruitment and bolstered al Qaeda’s ranks through the Iraqi invasion?
  • The fact that Bush toppled a secular Middle Eastern government, which Bin Laden was actually at odds with?

If anyone is Bin Laden’s man, it would seem to be Bush. But I won’t bring myself down to that level because I attempt to respect civil discourse, something that some ultra-conservatives seem to have trouble with.

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  • RJ

    “al Qaeda and Bin Laden had no ties to Iraq?”

    Read the 9/11 Commission’s report. You’d be surprised…

    Anyway, the US is not engaged in a “War On Osama.” It is engaged in a “War On Islamic Terrorism.” And Saddam was an Islamic Terrorist.


  • Read the 9/11 Commission report and you’ll find it supporting the position that there were no operational ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

    In fact, there were probably more Al Qaeda in Florida than in Iraq.