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A Pox On Both Of Their Mansions

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With the midterm elections underway I, like you, am being bombarded with lots of costly political messages on television and radio, as well as enduring them being stuffed into my groaning mailboxes (both physical and electronic). That which isn’t disintegrated immediately into the bit bucket gets recycled.  It occurred to me, as I shoveled another load into the superheated boiler, that the fact that we all get so much of this waste is actually an insult to our intelligence, for the intention behind this onslaught of opinionated oratory is to overload our mental sense until we cry “Surrender!” and vote as the sender desires.

I hereby declare that I’m tired of this blatant manipulation. I will not submit to such abuse, and will resist as much as my meager assets will allow! Few of those who try to bury me under their propaganda are going to see my vote tally into their totals!

As I have indicated many times before, I am willing to vote third party. There are many examples on California’s electoral slate for whom the two major parties will be found wanting of my suffrage that will benefit someone else. This would also be the case if I lived in any other state, such as Nevada, where the senatorial choices offered there leave me with few other legal voting options except NOTA. Anywhere else, and I would have to write in none of the above, as I have done regularly in the past.

Now maybe you don’t agree that being coerced into voting a certain way by the expenditure of huge sums, disbursed by those who would seek to benefit no matter what the effect on you, should be deemed a bad thing. Maybe you agree with the Citizens United opinion that fictional entities such as corporations, regardless of how much they are foreign-owned, should be allowed to sway a vote through economic sabotage, even though the thought of a Mexican farm worker being handed a ballot causes you to grab the blunderbuss from over the fireplace and ride hell-for-leather across the land, raising the alarm among your fellow WASP male property-owning patriots that foreigners (or non-white organizations like ACORN) are stealing your electoral rights! My advice to those of you who feel this way is to take up Mandarin, Arabic, and Hindi. Your corporate masters will be along to claim you soon.

Just so that you are prepared, you might want to read this and this so that you will know what to expect when the corporate PACs, which support Rand Paul  and others, achieve the cut in worker wages that they insist is necessary for “American” businesses to compete in the world. Just don’t expect that the Democrats are going to save you from this fate, for they sold you out long ago, and to the very same wealthy people hiding behind their corporate facades while spending vast sums to subjugate you.

Now get back to work! Trying to steal even more from your employer than you already do, you worthless scum? There will be hell to pay – and you already make far too much!

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  • I agree, although, in national elections, I would urge people to vote for a Democrat, except in those cases where it is ethically impossible to do so. Blanche Lincoln is one example of that. I believe that we can influence the Democratic party over time. I do not believe that true of the Republican Party.