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A pox and both houses

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Michael Moore’s stated goal is to defeat George Bush. MoveOn.org was formed to defend Clinton and now is dedicated to defeating Bush. DemocraticUnderground.com is dedicated to defeating George Bush.

And why not, George Bush has delivered inequitable tax cuts for purely maliputative partisan reasons; he has pandered to the right wing of his party by supporting a perversion of the U.S Constitution (banning gay marriage); and, he has acted against the best interest of the American economy and American worker by supporting growth-restricting tarriffs.

Michael Moore and George Bush are really two sides of the same coin. Partisan hacks more interested in promoting party over principle.

Look at it, if Michael Moore was really interested in the American people, he would be attacking Democrats for cozying up to Saudis, just like the Bushes, and for investing and sitting on the boards of the same multinational corporations he eviserates Bush for entangling himself in.

Partisan politics sucks. It’s evil. It’s ruining the country, and here’s a book that helps explain why and what you can do about it.

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  • Shark

    Howard, this entry would have been MUCH better if you had actually written a bit about the book you linked to; who wrote it, why, what it says (in a nutshell), its ‘suggestions’, etc.

    ie. A BOOK REVIEW!

    (see “Blogcritics – A sinister cabal of superior bloggers on music, books, film, popular culture, and technology – updated continuously”)

    “superior” being the operative word

    Just tryin’ to be helpful…