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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Slurs

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Hanoi Kerry vs Dictator Don

Since John Kerry has finally emerged as the Democratic nominee for President, operators of the Right Wing Propaganda Machine have dipped into their bag of tricks and set loose the hounds (ie. stealth, ad hoc, “non-profit” groups such as the newly formed “Viet Nam Veterans Against Kerry”, and the usual suspects of media whores with journalism degrees).

A picture of Jane Fonda at a 1970 anti-war rally began circulating on the net, and quicker than you could say “botox injections”, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX were flashing it every 15 minutes as if it were Janet Jackson’s silicone-stuffed boob.

What’s so important about this photo? SHE’S WITH JOHN KERRY!!!

Okay, she’s not exactly “with” Kerry, (the irony is lost on the Right Wing Web Site where we got this photo: they had to put a large red arrow in the picture so the viewer could actually FIND Kerry)— but apparently —sharing a few square acres with “Hanoi Jane” 34 years ago is STILL A PRETTY FRIGGIN’ BAD THING.

Rush Limbaugh, who could never pass up a good piece of hyperbole for his frothing fans, has a statement on his web site about this photo:


Well, I’ve got “news” for these manipulative bastards. We’ve got another picture “They Hoped You Wouldn’t See”: DONALD RUMSFELD AND SADDAM HUSSEIN.

And no need for red arrows or complicated directions: THEY’RE TOUCHING.

Kerry might have been in the same photo as Jane Fonda, BUT AT LEAST HE DIDN’T HAVE TO WASH THE BLOOD OFF HIS HANDS after the picture was taken.

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About Mark Shark

  • Shark

    Had to add this:

    Thirty-four year old photo taken TWO YEARS before Jane went to Hanoi.

    Liberal media, feh.

  • Two years before? The Right Wing blogs have been omitting that tidbit for some reason.

  • Shark

    Nothing is too low, immoral, or unethical for some of these pigs.

    PS: A good rule of thumb these days:

    Reality is the opposite of whatever the voice of authority is telling you.

  • Eric Olsen

    Excellent post and I agree the logic is specious at best, BUT why identify this kind of thing with the right (or left or center) – this is hardly a tactic specific to, what? Republicans, whoever is in power, THIS administration, etc. It’s everywhere and the center – which is about 60% of the nation – sees right through it.

  • Shark

    Eric, thanks.

    Just goes to show:

    All news is mar…


    BTW: got pinged from a pretty good site in my ol’ home state. Made a bunch of fellow Texans laugh.


    Now if I can only get ’em to buy something…

  • Donna

    Definitely on the wrong site.