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A Nutshell Review: Be Cool

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A new opportunity to watch John Travolta and Uma Thurman boogie on the dance floor together, is worth the price of the admission ticket. Who could’ve forgotten the classic scene from Pulp Fiction where the two made trademark moves to the song “You Never Can Tell” – now both of them sizzle to the performance of the Black Eyed Peas. Perfect on-screen chemistry, and one that can rival their previous dance performance.

Be Cool is the sequel to Get Shorty, while the latter parodies the film industry, this one brings along the same formula for the music industry, and it shows again that perhaps there is more than meets the eye in getting a record produced.

The narrative is simple at first – as Chili Palmer (loved that Heneiken ad by the way) tries to inch his way, totally greenhorn, into the industry, he gets involved with the Russian mob, the hip-hop gun wielding gangsta rappers and their producer, his starlet’s ex manager and his partner, and to a little extent, the cops too.

And that’s when the plot might get confusing to some. You have to pay close attention, otherwise you’ll miss the plot filled with double, sometimes triple crossings as Palmer outwits, outplays and outlasts them all.

But to those who lost the plot midway, no worries, as there are parodies galore that you can enjoy in this film, poking fun at movie sequels, at dim witted gangsters, and the script is pretty witty with its one-liners and quirky cast of many. Or you can enjoy the musical performances like Black Eyed Peas, Aerosmith and of course, Christina Milian.

While John Travolta plays it cool (seems like he always breezes through his films these days with a “devil may care” air), and Uma Thurman looking beautiful as always, it is Vince Vaughn and The Rock who steal the movie from right under all the other casts noses. Vince Vaughn’s take on his cowardly character who acts like he’s “Black” (with ghetto speak and all) is top notch, and The Rock as a wussy faggot bodyguard always get you in stitches when he’s on screen – he even parodies his own “People’s Eyebrow”!

Be warned that this film may not be enjoyable for everyone (especially for those who are impatient and can’t wait to get to the chase), but be cool, and enjoy the ride.

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  • Quack Corleone

    Any time The Rock is the highlight of a movie, and it’s not action movie, there are serious problems.

    I hated the damn musical interludes by the singer Chili “signed”, thought there was very little chemistry between Thurman and Travolta (dance scene included), and was left a bit stunned by Cedric The Entertainer’s speech at the end (Was he being funny, serious, or just irritating…).

    Be Cool sans witty. Be Cool bad.