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A note to Pat Robertson on his recent thoughts regarding assassinations

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Pat I agree with you. We need a dog gone fatwah of our own, of the good people just like you and me. Ooo loo loo loo loo loo loo! Kill all the extremists. Start out with that Chavez and just keep on going. Jam it to the Jihadists. Eliminate all hate groups. All mean people suck; blow their darn heads off. Ward Churchill? Kill him. Jerry Falwell? Death. Liberals? Murder them. Vast Right Wing NRAers? Shoot every damn one of them and Charlton Heston too. I also am sick of Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi and that dog gone Carl Rove and his minion lackeys Delay and Santorum. So let’s just get rid of them all and all the whining NOW crowd too. Palestinians? Israelis? Shiites? Kofi Annan? Bomb them all! It is about time for some good old-fashioned damned tolerance in this world. It’s time to stop all this over blown blowing in the wind and just plain start tolerating a few good ordinary people like you and me, Pat. Cheese and Rice!

Look it’s real simple: If you’re dying to die, well, we should just kill you. If you’re living to live, then just live and shut the heck up. And if you’re sick, well sorry; don’t cough on me. Only women should talk about women, and only men should talk about men and we should all just stay to ourselves and stop messing with each other. Oh yeh, and kill those damn teletubbies folks too. Where is Diogenes when we need him? I got my barrel in my back yard and it’s a bomb shelter. Let’s git er done Pat, let’s git er done.

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