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A New York Man Has Written the Best Cover Letter Ever!

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He concedes “no special skills,” but he has gone viral for having written the “best cover letter ever!”

Finance student Matthew Ross, 22, clearly has caught the spirit of today, and while categorizing San Diego State University as “average” has achieved Wall Street distinction for having written the ultimate cover letter; and that, in spite of his misspelling “crap.” “I won’t waste time inflating my credentials, throwing around exaggerated job titles, or feeding you a line of crapp…” he wrote.

Mr. Ross was seeking a summer internship with New York Investment firm Duff and Phelps. In some mysterious and unfathomable way his cover letter was leaked to Business Insider, which was then swamped with comments: “awesome,” “amazing,” “classic,” “hilarious but bold.” Ms. Adelaide Now from across the globe wrote, “It’s easy to see why this courageous tactic worked!”

Here is a sample which you may find intriguing: “I have no qualms about fetching coffee, shining shoes, or picking up laundry, and will work for next to nothing,” which was shortly followed by “I do have a near perfect GPA and will work hard for you. “ In addition he adds, “I’ve interned at Merrill Lynch in the Wealth Management Division and taken an investment banking class at [blacked over] for whatever it’s worth.”

The young man lauded by Wall Street concludes, “I apologize for the blunt nature of my letter, but I hope you seriously consider taking me under your wing this summer. Feel free to call me….”

Business Insider was the first. Then the Los Angeles Times unabashedly called it the “best cover letter.” Then The Week took it up a notch with “best cover letter ever!”

Now I see what I have been doing wrong. I hardly ever say “Crapp!”

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