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A new way to get DVDs

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I thought about signing up for Netflix but decided I didn’t want enough movies to warrant the price. Now there’s a new service called Peerflix with a different model. Instead of borrowing, you trade, and you can keep them as long as you want.

There are three steps to using the service:

1. Create a list of movies you want, and a list of movies you own.

2. Send your movies to your peers, and receive movies in your mailbox.

3. Send them on to the next peer to receive more.

It seems like a novel way to get rid of old DVDs and get new ones.

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  • Eric Olsen

    very helpful information Dan, thanks!

  • This is basically porting the P2P concept to DVD’s…I don’t think it will work…

    The idea is that Peerflix doesn’t own any DVD’s, period. They are just Napster with a twist: They keep a centralized list of what the users have. The twist is that Peerflix will cash in on each trade (Napster didn’t do that!)

    The problem is that people buy DVD’s to keep them. I have no intention of trading them to anybody. That’s why the P2P model can’t work for DVD’s: For MP3’s, I didn’t have to give up my MP3’s to get different MP3’s. Here I have to give up my DVD to get another DVD.

    They tell you to either list the movies you own or go out and start a collection. How about this:
    How about I go to Wal-Mart and pick up 4-5 movies from the infamous “$5 bin.” These movies REALLY stink. Now with Peerflix can I trade them for movies I actually want that are decent or great? I doubt it. No one will want to trade for my crapo movies, and no will like the idea that I gave up “Trial & Error” and got “LOTR:ROTK.”

    Nice idea Peerflix, I certainly commend the innovation (I am not a fan of the Netflix model because I think you should pay for what you rent, not $20/month), but I would suggest going back to the drawing board.

  • regan

    i know that i have received a ton of movies as gifts and even bought movies on a whim that i have never watched more than once! if i can get value out of the dvds i own and will most likely continue to receive in the future, then i love this idea. and after visiting the site, it sounds like even if i were to buy or receive new movies – i would be able to trade more movies for what it would cost me to rent. i am intrigued… are recent releases worth more?

  • We’re trying to create a service that works for most people, not all people. Each movie is valued based on the market price and demand within the Peerflix network. Typically, a new release is worth 6 Peerbux. I looked it up on the Peerflix website. “Trial and Error-1997” is worth 1 Peerbux (the 1962 version is worth 2 Peerbux). “LOTR:ROTK” is worth 6 Peerbux. For those who don’t wish to use their own movies (or don’t own any DVDs), sign up for the monthly plan and you’ll receive enough Peerbux to get your first set of movie(s). Then just keep rotating that movie for more.

  • DavidTodd

    How does the shipping work? Do you ship to the next person or to peerflix and then they ship it? Who pays the postage?

  • j

    I tried Peerflix (current and sone to be GONE, account holder)… POOR service. My prediction: they won’t make it!

    It’s a compelling business model but poorly implemented. I disagree with an ealier poster here, you must be one of the few who buy DVD movies to KEEP. Most people, me included, buy them to watch once, maybe twice, then they collect dust on a shelf.

    Peerflix positioned them selves to turn those shelved DVD’s into trades for movies you haven’t seen yet, which inturn can be traded, etc.

    A “steady” stream of movies to watch for 99 cents + postage! Problem is that Peerflix isn’t managing the service properly; they have a LOT to learn from eBay.

    As soon as I exhaust mt credits (they call them Peerbux), I’m outta there. I’ve sent out 5 pristine DVD’s and gotten only one scratchy DVD from my request list, and it was the wrong title to boot!

    Great idea; poor implementation!