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A new twist to dating

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You’ve heard of a wingman, right? You know, the guy who goes after the not-so-hot girl so you can make a play for the hot one? Now there’s wingwomen, ladies who’ll hang around you so you’ll seem more attractive other women.

In the game of meeting women, it is understood that in most cases, it’s the man who does all the work. Unfortunately, women have not made it any easier for men to approach them. As a result, men have learned to work together in order to increase their success rate. The solution to the male dilemma is the “Wing Man” pickup strategy, which usually has some level of success. But some women have learned to recognize the “pack” mentality and have developed reactive strategies to counteract the wingman’s pickup mission. The guy’s response to such female defenses is the Wingwoman. Its an amazing union that if properly applied has a 65% conversion rate. Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be, and here’s why the wingwoman approach is so effective:

  • Domino Affect — Women are attracted to men who have women around them more so then men who have other men around them.
  • Limited Resources — Women want what they can’t have.
  • Let The Games Begin — Women are very jealous and love to compete with one another.
  • Icebreakers — Women tend to lower their defenses around men who have other women around them. Most women tend to see these men as having a seal of approval and being less hostile.

Seems a little scummy to me.

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  • Eric Olsen

    sprucing up the old “escort service” model? Stunning – who would use it?

  • dietdoc

    That concept is absolutely fascinating to me. WOW! Things get more complicated every day. When I read items like this, it makes me appreciate (a) how complicated it must be for young, single men and women and (b) the joys of being a card-carrying member of the >50 y.o. “dating is just too much damned trouble” set. We may be a small group but we do keep it simple.

    Great post…fascinating reading.



  • Eric Olsen

    Please don’t take this wrong, but it always amazes me that people find it hard to meet others toward whom they might be romantically inclined.

    The entire fucking earth is full of people, you can’t swing a dead (pet of your choice) without hitting them: they are on the street, in stores, places of business, work, restaurants, bars, art galleries, zoos, prisons – everywhere you go, there they are!

    Quite seriously, the real problem seems to be that people THINK too much about FINDING SOMEONE, rather than just socializing at will and taking things as they come. I absolutely swear, if you are a person of good will, there are endless people out there who would be perfectly happy to talk to you, and that’s how it starts. It just isn’t that tough unless you make it so.

  • dietdoc

    Eric writes:

    “It just isn’t that tough unless you make it so.”

    Reply: It just can’t be, can it? Maybe it’s becoming too cerebral, too preplanned, to thought about. People seem to be in a rush to do everything, including meet “that special someone.” It – that magical moment of “WOW!” – cannot be preplanned or approached with fighter pilot-inspired strategy. As per previous post: way too complicated for something that is really, I agree with Eric, quite simple.


    Ron (over 50 and loving it!)

  • So says the happily married guy?

  • dietdoc

    Casper writes:

    “So says the happily married guy?”

    Reply: No, actually says the happily divorced (for a wonderul 5+ years now) guy. (wide Cheshire grin creeping across my face)



  • It’s always been my experience that you tend to happen upon “that special someone” when you’re not really looking.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes to all above inquiries and I swear I am not trying to be smug as I would have to slap myself and that would hurt. But as long as you are out there beating the bushes with an open mind but not too specifically LOOKING FOR SOMEONE, they are there, and they are in the same boat you are: that’s the great irony of it all. Everyone thinks their particular situation is unique, but it isn’t

  • what mrbenning said is very true.

    however, eric being the outgoing dude that he is, has no idea what it’s like to be an extreme introvert.

    just the concept of ‘socializing’ sends shivers down my spine.

  • Eric Olsen

    I absolutely agree with Mister Mike: the key is to find a place between ACTIVELY LOOKING, which is certain to lead to frustration, and just allowing yourself to reguarly be in situations and the frame of mind where these things can occur naturally and in an unforced manner.

    And as far as “socializing”: they’re just people, they aren’t scary, there’s nothing to be afraid of (I was kiddign about trolling prisons for dates), they’re the same species as you are, they have the same hopes fears desires needs. Don’t psyche yourself out, let the chi flow, all will be well.