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A New Laser Printer For $80

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Like you, I thought this must be a mistake – but it’s not!

Truly astounding. The Samsung ML-1710 Laser Printer is an nice present for someone who’ll think you’re really a big spender, when you’re not. Amazon has it too, for $91.

The printer has been discontinued, but Amazon has it used for $72.

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  • Yeah, but just look at the toner price: $75!! That’s the real game with printers these days. They can give away the hardware and they soak you with the ink or toner.

  • Well, I am forced to agree with He Who Doesn’t Want Me To Speak His Name. Samsung’s printer is a loss leader meant to sell ink. Of course that is the game with inkjets, too. Replacing all four of my cartridges at once would cost about half or what I paid for my Epson C80 when I bought it, a lot more than it is worth now.

    Joe. Joe. Joe. I’ve noticed you often focus on getting bargains. But, then, you sometimes decide what looked like a bargain wasn’t. You seem like a solvent fellow, so why not just go on and spend the money for the very good or best?

  • Eric Olsen

    “solvent fellow” – I like that

  • A little over a year ago I bought a Minolta PagePro 1350W for about $90. The replacement toner cartridge is about $75. About six months ago I saw the same printer being closed out for $50, and no rebates involved. I bought one and put it in the closet. The original toner cartridge in the first printer is only about half-gone, but when it’s empty I’ll throw the whole kaboodle out and break out the new printer.

  • Yes, the printer can be cheap but what about the cost for toner or cartridges?