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A New James Bond?

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The Daily Record is reporting that Croupier star Clive Owen will be the new James Bond.

In unrelated news James Bond was busted for a DUI in San Diego.

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  • ernest

    i will always…i can’t take those memories away. i’ll always.

  • Kyle Reese

    The most difficult problems in life really are insurmountable, up until the moment that they are surmounted.

    It seemed insurmountable to fathom raising a son on my own. It also seemed insurmountable to forget the person who changed the way I look at everything. It has been far easier for you to pretend the past never existed. I wouldn’t want to. I have the best part of you, and he gives an altogether new meaning to my life.

    I’m sorry. I really hope that you think more critically the next time somebody lets you in. Somebody’s heart is the most vulnerable, yet valuable, place to be. You can’t seem to stay there without hurting those you love the most.

    You really did make a huge impact. I hope I did, too.

  • Bishop Focker96

    OOOhhh baby Devon is such a hottie she totally needs to be the new Bond Slut

  • Van Murderer92

    Yea DEAD on Chrissy!

  • Chris

    All Bonds have to be good with the ladies. They also must be devastatingly handsome and smooth. Was the real James Bond an alcoholic? Oh, I guess he was, too. Bond girls need not have mosquito bites soo I guess what Im saying is these two just wont work!!

  • Chester

    A girl named Devon is rummored as the bond Girl I hear.

  • luke

    Brent Stanley as the new Bond? They’re going to have to pump him up a bit first!

  • Bont nut

    Hey Brent Stanley is Rumored to be up against Henry Cavill for Bond #8 He def has the looks with a dark edge of Dalton! He will be perfect! He is such a Hunk!

  • Brent stanley

    Hey guys i just heard from a totally reliable source that Brent Stanley has just signed on to play bond!!!! spread the word! He is from Southbridge Mass, and is British,French and Irish.

  • JR

    In unrelated news James Bond was busted for a DUI in San Diego.

    “They spike-stripped him and he had a blow out”

    I had to think about that one for a second.

  • Stefan

    Clive Owen is defenitely the next James Bond!!!! I think he’s the best choice…..if you look at some of the old illustrations on some of Fleming’s books, the one shown as Bond looks just like Clive Owen. Also…his work in Croupier,,,and also the small BMW ads showed that he could be the perfect Bond

    UA is not making any mistake…they’ve made the right choice!!!!

  • Alas, Sean Bean is just not pretty enough to be Bond, despite having more than enough acting ability to play the role.

    The standard is growing just as impossibly high for leading men’s attractiveness as it has been for women. The Bond franchise will have a very hard time matching Pierce Brosnan’s combination of acting skill and sheer physical attractiveness. I suspect when the time comes to trade off between the two, the filmmakers will choose to favor beefcake over acting chops.

    However, I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong on this prediction, since I’ve always watched the Bond films purely for their thespian qualities.

  • D. Murray

    If any new James Bond film is made I hope it goes back to a raw and more basic film. My nomination for the new 007 would be SEAN BEAN. He was great as 006 and fantastic as Richard Sharpe in the Sharpe’s series.

  • Charles Thompson

    The rumor I’ve heard is that the new James Bond will be Sam Houston of Texas City, TX. He is a raw talent that shined in his screen tests. Check with Lori Russell an E-Celebrity columnist for latest rumor.

  • Dang. I had hoped Hugh Jackman would get the gig.

    Not that I don’t like Clive Owen; he was terrific in Croupier, and he’ll likely be a good Bond. But Jackman would’ve been a great one.