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A new drinking game?

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Every time the word f*** is said during the show Deadwood you have to drink. Of course, you would be hammered it by the second commercial break, but that is half the point innit?

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  • Deadwood is true to the times, and fuck it if people can’t deal with reality. Oh fuck, I said fuck. Time for a drink.

    By the way, there are no commercial breaks in HBO.

    Thanks for the reference to one of the better shows on television – the language is graphic, but the depiction gritty and strong.

    Al Swearengen, appropriately named, is probably one of the best bad guys around, and the interposition of real-life characters makes it all the more interesting.

  • Heh there are no commercial breaks on the DVD either. I watch it in the UK on Sky (Fox in the UK) and there are adverts.

  • Ah, that sucks – time for a drinkie

  • Claire

    I have no problem at all with drinking :D, nor with cursing when it is appropriate. I just wonder with all the real problems the world faces….well, you get the idea.

    But then escapism is a way to deal with the unpleasant side of life, innit? Does it solve anything?


  • Brave Kelso

    Taking a shot every time the F*** word is mentioned will give you a wicked hangover, but C***sucker might kill you. I wouldn’t want to be too drunk because I might miss something. Just when Al seems totally immoral, he is worried about the demented preacher’s dignity. The show, the writing, the acting all rival or surpass the Sopranos. Superb craft. The premise of the show – the creation of a civil society by merchants and brigands on land being stolen from the First Nations is a moral challenge.

  • And then there is s***. I think an alternative to the game, for those who think they are hard, is to take a drink when any cuss word is said. Or you could have grades for each type of word depending on severity.

  • Well blog me down….