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A New Birth

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I’ve been in a slump lately. I’ve not been active here on blogcritics for a while now. There are a few reasons for this. One is that I’m just not as active on the internet as I used to be. Another reason is that I feel as if I have nothing to write about. My passion in life is my band. That’s what I like to talk about, it’s what I think about the most, and I figure, why the hell would anyone care about a band they never heard of and probably will never hear of? However, expressing my feelings in a recent blogcritic thread, several people have told me to write about my experiences in a band. Well you asked for it so here it is. Below is the first of many insights into the world of a struggling garage band.

Feb. 26th, 2004:
Bar folk must be the easiest crowd to play to. We played at the Tourist Inn in York last night. It was sort of an open mic night so we were amidst loads of cover bands doing poor covers of Puddle of Mudd songs (not that the original versions are any better).

We took the stage with our 3 piece horn section and proceeded to rock…. horribly. By the end of the first song alone, our guitarist broke a string and our bass player forgot to repeat the second chorus. Yet, strong applauds met us. Ahh alcohol.

The rest of the set went better considering the situation. The sound sucked. Standing on stage left, all we could hear in the horn section was one guitar, the muffled snare drum, vocals and ourselves. It was hard to feel the music to say the least. Getting off stage, we knew we played like crap yet, the audience, they must have been listening to another band…. or else totally off their rockers…. because we received strong praise for our rocking. We even got invited back to the venue with the possibility of a headlining spot.

Friends, I learned this. Drunk people who love classic rock are the best people for us to play to.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Andy, welcome back! I look forward to following this – “drama in real life”

  • The Theory

    drama in real life? isn’t that what “My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance” and “Average Joe” are going for?

  • Hey Andy,

    Come on down to Texas and I’ll hook you up with some gigs! Plus we have REALLY drunk people here! 😉

  • Andy, it’s a trap! She doesn’t even know how to spell drunk! It’s @:~o= Note the exposed brain and the vomit exiting the mouth. Keep the band, keep the blog, see what happens. Report. Show up. Typeitatypeitatypeita.

  • There’s at least a partial solution to this problem: why the hell would anyone care about a band they never heard of and probably will never hear of?

    This is why God made mp3s. Get a couple of your best songs posted, and let us know. I for one will be happy to give you a listen.

  • andy

    thanks for the interest guys. Anyone who wants to look into the band more can check out http://www.thesuburbansound.com