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It is always difficult to find guest speakers who can challenge and interest an MBA-level class in Entrepreneurship. My class at Tulane the other night was spellbound by a septugenerian and hyper-entrepreneur named Joseph Wolf.

Joe is a co-creator of what might be the largest movie franchise in history, Halloween. Halloween is touted as the largest grossing picture dollar for dollar. To date Halloween has grossed over One Hundred Million Dollars in box office sales alone.

Upon the completion of Halloween, Joe looked for a distributor. After being turned down by all of the major distributors and studios, Joe and his partners released the film nationwide and own the film and its ancillary markets outright.

Joe was also a pioneer in home video. He had the foresight to license movies for home video use, owned and served as Chairman of the Board of one of the first independent videocassette distribution companies, Media Home Entertainment, Inc. Media became one of the largest independent videocassette distribution companies in the world.

Another successful franchise that Joe was responsible for is A Nightmare on Elm Street. New Line Cinema submitted the screen play to Media Home Entertainment for a co-production deal. After reviewing the property Joe decided to go ahead and co-produce the movie with New Line.

Needless to say that co-production deal and Joe’s insight helped to make New Line Cinema the company it is today. Joe later sold Media Home Entertainment, Inc. to Heron, Inc. Joe continues producing and distributing motion pictures, with credits for over 25 feature films for theatrical distribution and home video distribution.

Joe’s current project is producing the first ever gay horro-slasher film, HellBent. Before the picture was even in the can, HellBent was and is receiving lots of attention. Look for it in theatres in June 2005. You can catch a promo now.

Today Joe is sought after on a daily basis from consulting for various entertainment companies to public speaking engagements at Universities. His expertise and knowledge have put Mr. Wolf in the category of a ‘Hollywood legend.’

Joseph Wolf holds a degree in Business Administration from Tulane University; he graduated from the New York University School of Law and is a member of both the New York and California State Bars.

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  • Interesting. What did he share with your class?

  • Good question Aaman, but a difficult one to answer. As advice to entrepreneurs, what Joe offered was less about content than about the weight his credibility gave to his comments.

    He spoke about a meeting he had just come from with the Louisiana Film Commission Director and other participants in the burgeoning film industry in the state. He has high hopes for the efforts going on and his opportunity mindset energized the class.