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A mixing we went

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John and I accepted his father’s hospitality and spent the entire weekend, returning Monday, mixing album tracks. In a rather nice twist, John’s father has an impressively sound-proofed conservatory. It even has fairly thick blinds on the windows that do a nice job at absorbing sounds. On the way home John and I were able to listen to a CD of the mixed tracks and determine how much work each track needed. They range from tweaks to quite a bit of work. The heavier more complicated tracks like “Deeds not Words”; which has a rather big Paradise Lost vibe going on, will take quite a bit of work to get it right. What is interesting, if not surprising, is the fact that the nature of some of the tunes change once we begin the mixing progress.

Having enjoyed the studio process as much as I did, I was working up to suggesting we hit it for another day. Turns out that John was thinking along the same lines, fancy that eh. and we are organising the musos to head back in late July or August. Neither John nor I has stopped writing new material because of the fact we have been working on this album so we have a whole lot of songs that we could record to include on the album. To my surprise my fairly pickled recording (on my phone) of a riff stuck in my head was well recieved by John. Quite frankly its quite pleasing he understood what the hell I was on about considering the background noise and technology used.

I have to say, being able to shove a CD of our music into the CD player is rather nice.

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