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A Million Little Pieces – James Frey

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There are a million stories in the big city. This is just one of them.

And as a general point of interest, why do we like to hear and read about misery overcome, but not about simple pleasures without the dark side?

James Frey WAS an addict. Now he’s better. He writes in short sentences. He uses words as coldly crafted as an icicle and as blunt as a woman in a crisis. He survived and his book is a bestseller. Bastard. Am I supposed to get doped up, strung out and brought down before I sell my novel?

No, I just have to finish it 🙂

The NY Times book review was written in the mode I would have written it. There’s 12 steps to reading the story of a man who for most of his life had trouble climbing one.

NY TIMES Book review: Cry and You Cry Alone? Not if You Write About It

San Fransisco Chronicle gossip bit about a James Frey reading. HERE.

James Frey yacks about the book HERE.

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