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A Message For Fans of the New York Yankees

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Who’s Yer Daddy?!!

(First posted on Mark Is Cranky)

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  • I was up all night watching the game. What a thing of beauty to behold!

  • oh yea….i watched the game, the postgame, baseball tonight on espn, sportcenter, back to local news.

    ….then i noticed it was 1:30.


  • Well it certainly isn’t Pedro.

    But the Sox and their fans (and only Sox fans) deserve the credit. I am a rational human being so I can give credit where it is due. If it wasn’t for 5 years of living in Boston and hearing “Yankees Suck” chants at Sox/Devil Rays games then I might be rooting for you.

  • say, did anybody else notice that they never caught steinbrenner on camera?

    i can’t imagine that was accidental.

    (i did see cashman yelling “fuck!”…which was plenty sweet)

  • andy marsh

    I give the Red Sox there due…Outstanding job coming all the way back from the 3-0 hole they dug for themselves.

    The most bizarre strategy I’ve ever seen! Let the yankees tire themselves out scoring 19 runs in one game, then come back and whip ’em.

    The Sox now need to validate this tremendous accomplishment by winning the world series. Because remember, the curse is not about beating the yankees, it’s about winning the World Series!

  • Andy: “the curse is not about beating the yankees, it’s about winning the World Series!”

    Yes, and we can do it! We’ve got all the momentum in the world right now, and more.

  • i didn’t think i would feel this way…but at this point, i honestly don’t care if the sox win the series.

    last night was so good i’m not sure it can be topped emotionally.

  • andy marsh

    Mark S…is that a way to make yourself feel better if they don’t win teh Series???

  • curt

    andy –

    is that a way to make yourself feel better, by dissing us bosox fans? after your yankees just performed one of top-5 biggest chokes in sports history!!

    the comeback is especially sweet for some of us, considering how you arrogantly predicted that “the yankees will sweep the series.”

  • i suppose you could say that it’s a way of making myself feel better.

    but, seriously…normally, if the sox made it to the series, i’d be thinking about how things would go, would something screwed up happen, another heartbreaking loss, etc….

    this morning, i realised that i just plain don’t care about that stuff. the comeback was so powerfull….beating new york IN new york.

    it’d be tough to top.

  • andy marsh


    But I did give the Sox their due…Greatest come back in baseball history, no doubt about it. I’d rather look at it that way than saying my Yankees choked…although, there is good argument for that too!

    I still think they need to win the Series to validate the Yankee ass whipping!

    Yankee fans will still always be able to say…”yeah, but you still haven’t won a Series since 1918″ You don’t want that, do you???

  • i don’t give a crap what yankee fans say.

    their sense of entitlement invalidates ’em.

  • andy marsh

    I’ve never felt that I was entitled to anything! Hell, I lived in Phoenix in 2001 and one of my neighbors spraypainted go D’backs in my front yard with orange marker paint! It stayed there until the spring grass grew in…in MARCH!!!

    I think we need to remember that this only a game! It sounds like a couple of you Red Sox fans are a little upset. You’re supposed to be happy!

  • as much as i hate to quote george will:

    Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona.”

  • curt

    was it joe buck (?) who said last night,
    “you never hear the winner say ‘it’s only a game.'”

  • andy marsh

    Fair enough….I bow to the mighty Red Sox and their fans…..

  • curt

    hey mark –

    they did it!!

  • kristi

    yankees are the best!!!!
    the redsox suck!!!