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A masterplan indeed!

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When Grapow and Rusch were booted from Helloween at the end of their last tour, it was quite a shock. The normally calm world of Kraut metal was shaken by this major event. Thoughts then turned to what the two ex-Weenies would do with their talents. Masterplan is the answer, and what an answer it is! This is 11 track affair is the best thing these two have been involved with for a very long time. The fact they snagged Jorn Lande, one of top new voices in rock, for the band, made it even more amazing. Imagine Helloween’s power combined with a powerful voice of Coverdale is his prime, that is what you have here. In fact the band end this killer album with a very Whitesnake-like track in the form of ‘When Loves comes Close’. The first single ‘Enlighten Me” is more familiar territory for fans of Helloween and its offshoots (Iron Savior, Gamma Ray et al), as are the rest of the tracks. The band is clearly excited with this project and those who pick up the limited edition version of the CD can watch the band being interviewed in Germany (in English), as well as seeing the first video from the band. Overall, there is no duff track on this effort. Masterplan has clearly thrown down the gauntlet to Helloween. Its going to be damn hard to top this.

Rating: 5/5

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