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A Manic Monday for John Kerry

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Kerry and his camp can’t be sleeping too well right now, because their beds which looked so soft and comfortable just a few weeks go, well, they’re falling apart this Monday.

A round up of news that is not so great for Mr. Kerry:

  1. He has been making promises again. The count is up to 54. Promises never bode well for any candidate, because they are almost impossible to keep, especially when Mr. Kerry will likely be dealing with an uncompliant Republican majority in both houses.
  2. Vanessa and Alexandra Kerry made an appearance at the MTV Music Awards last night, asking the raucous crowd to vote for their father. The crowd booed as much as it cheered, prompting Alexandra to ‘shush’ them and patronizingly tell people the importance of voting. You can watch a video of it here at the Daily Recycler. HT: Bittersweet.

  3. More confusing stories from Kerry’s military experience and a military suicide. Forest for the Trees provides a good breakdown of the problems here. Even though Republican leaders like John McCain are quite rightly praising Kerry’s military service, the mainstream press are smelling blood.
  4. Reuters is reporting the following: “Spending Rebounds: Good News for Growth”. Good news, whether in Iraq or Stateside, is bad for the John Kerry campaign right now. As a challenger, he really has no option but to say that things are bad now (with which I will agree to a certain extent), that they’re mostly Bush’s fault (with which I disagree), and that he can make things better (again, disagreement here). Good news removes the first premise and predicates its opposite on premise two, while making the third premise irrelevant.
  5. The Republican National Convention is starting, and Democrats are predicting a bounce of 6-9 points for Bush. The GOP will parade its popular moderates, John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger (what a country where this is a Governor’s homepage) and Rudy Giuliani. Critics who are quick to dismiss the convention as a masquerade ball should remember that those these fellows do disagree with Bush on social issues, they do largely agree with him on issues like the economy and the War in Iraq.

Is the darkest hour before the storm or the dawn? I rarely opt against bluegrass wisdom, but I think the storm is only getting worse.

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  • If Kerry and his camp aren’t sleeping well it’s for the same reasons you shouldn’t be, either: the quagmire in Iraq, the negative progress on terrorism, the 13 million unemployed, the 45 million without health care – hell, let’s just summarize it: the Bush administration’s total incompetence at governance.

  • Doug

    “…quagmire in Iraq”?? Have you been stuck in a Sadaam hole for the last couple of months? Even the mainstream media isn’t calling it a quagmire anymore. Ditto with your alleged issues on terrorism and unemployment…don’t you read? Health care? Yeah, that’s still a problem but you act like the BA created it…they didn’t and the next administration (whoever is elected) isn’t going to solve it either. If you believe differently then you really are in a Sadaam hole.

  • Doug, Clearly you don’t have the facts.

    Whether the press calls it a quagmire or not does not change what’s going on there.

    On unemployment, you need to visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics site.

    There you’ll find that in July 2000 there were 4 million unemployed. In July 2004 there were 8.2 million unemployed.

    What the BLS site will also show you is an additional 4.7 million who are not counted in the various stats produced, but do not have work and want to work.

    It is a very grim picture.

    Don’t you pay attention to what you read? Or do you read only right wing materials?

  • i fear that if bush is elected and/or selected again, it will be four years of manic mondays.

    it might be cool though. at that point he will have nothing to win or loose. the press will never get to him, he can spend four years drinking beer at crawford (with his daughters) and laura can start smoking again.


  • Doug

    What is your definition of a quagmire? I see quite a bit of good news coming out of Iraq on a weekly basis. I realize that this doesn’t fit into your world view so you choose to ignore it. Are there still major problems? Sure, but they are well on their way. My point about the press not calling it a quagmire was simply that they started the whole thing, and then backed off when they realized it wasn’t true.

    Regarding your parsing of the unemployment figures. If one looks at the data one can clearly see that unemployment was trending sharply upwards all through Clinton’s last year in office. Of course some of the numbers depend on exactly which set of data you choose to view. Part of the problem is that our government has so obscured the numbers it’s truly difficult to see what the “true” unemployment figures are.

    I guess you dropped the rest of your arguement when you realized it was untenable.

  • Bad guess, Doug, as I didn’t drop a thing – what I said stands.

    As to quagmire in Iraq: approaching 1,000 dead Americans, no end in sight, and resources being expended in and focus still on Iraq instead of on fighting terrorism.

    But what “rest” of my argument?

    Do you mean: “the Bush administration’s total incompetence at governance?” That’s certainly still there.