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A Look Ahead: Questions for Gaming in 2008

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Recently, I took a humorous look back at 2007, trying to focus all of my feelings and thoughts into ten words or less for each topic. It still took quite a bit of writing, as 2007 was one of the most important years for the history of video games, both in good and in bad ways.

But going into this new year, I had many, many questions, ranging from broad questions concerning the industry as a whole to specific questions about specific games. I began to write them down as I thought of them, and soon, it grew from a few small questions to a much, much longer list, the one you see below.

While I wrote down every last question I could possibly think of for the upcoming year, but I know I’m leaving out a lot. Still, the full list here goes for almost two pages, and it makes a pretty good list of questions – both serious and perhaps a few not-so-serious – that I hope are answered in the upcoming year of gaming:

Whose year is it? Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or someone else?

Will 2008’s gaming line-up top 2007’s?
Can Sony recover from what was a miserable 2007? Will Metal Gear Solid 4 be it’s savior?

Is the Wii in danger of losing its momentum as the front-runner and “must-have” item?

Can PC gaming become important again?

Will casual games and casual gamers dominate the sales charts and game marketing… not just on the Wii?

Will hardcore gamers revolt after feeling mistreated?

Will the Xbox Live outages continue?

Speaking of the 360, have the new consoles from Microsoft fixed the hardware issues once and for all?

Who will lead the charge of innovation in 2008, and how will they do it?

Will the negative stigmas attached to video games intensify a the year goes on, or will they fade away?

Will Jack Thompson continue to hang around?

How many poor franchised/licensed titles will I have to endure?

What will be the big disappointments? The big surprises?

Will Activision really take Call of Duty back to World War II after the widespread success of Call of Duty 4?

Will Nintendo stop being so secretive?

Will EA Sports do something innovative?

Will Ninja Gaiden’s two 2008 titles have jiggle physics?

Is Duke Nukem Forever or Sadness coming out this year?

Will Square-Enix ever change their character designs?

What other developers might get bought in ’08?

Will F-Zero Wii finally, finally be announced?

Will XNA actually be able to be used by independent developers?

Will any of the twenty 2007 Dream/Build/Play finalists make their way to Xbox Live, even those who were runners-up?

Will the PS2 continue to survive as a console for cheaper budget titles of good quality?

Will Blu-ray’s expected victory even matter in the gaming world?

How far will marketing for games penetrate the consumer goods market? Was Halo 3 just the tip of the iceberg? And how will this affect the games we play in return?

Speaking of that… will Bungie and Microsoft reconsider coming out with that Cortana lingerie that got axed from the Halo 3 marketing?

Is PAX the new old E3?

Will E for All survive the year?

Will the VGAs not suck for once?

Will the DS pass the PS2 in total global sales?

Will J Allard re-appear from the cave he’s been hiding in for the past few years?

How will people in Japan react to Dragon Quest IX and Monster Hunter 3 moving to the DS and Wii, respectively?

Will third parties crack the Wii code and succeed in putting out more solid titles instead of just ports?

Will No More Heroes sell well?

Will poor sales of No More Heroes, coupled with high sales of mini-game compilations, shift third-party development on the Wii

Will Xbox Live Arcade’s strong 2008 line-up cause it to rise above everything else this year?

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  • One question can be answered quite easily:

    Will No More Heroes sell well?

    Answer: No. It doesn’t appeal to the Wii market and it’s already flopped in Japan. It’s the same as Killer7. While NMH is made speficially for Wii, Suda51’s style of development and ideas are more suited to the 360 and PS3 gamers of today.