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A Little Rock ‘n Roll Hubris Courtesy New Order

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Thanks to New Order Online, one of the best fan sites out there, we have the UK press release for New Order’s latest single Krafty.  Can’t say we can really argue with it:

NEW ORDER release a new single ‘Krafty’ on 7th March 2005 through London Records.

After the planet-shagging success of 2001’s "Get Ready" and 2002’s this-is-how-you-do-it four CD boxset "Retro," Manchester’s finest ever band, New Order, return with new single ‘Krafty.’ Produced by John Leckie, ‘Krafty’ is the kind of perfect pop at which New Order excel. It’s bass-driven, machine-like and ridiculously catchy and the first single to be lifted from New Order’s eighth studio album, "Waiting For the Sirens Call."

There is no other band that unites both ‘spotty students and football hooligans’ (Bernard), as well as housewives and rock stars, the art set and the mainstream, indie-lovers and dance nutters. No other band that can wring such emotion from machines, or make guitars sound so fresh. No one else is so spiky, so startling, innovative and inspirational; no one else makes pop music for clever people that hit the heart as well as the head. In 2005, when every other up-and-coming band cites Joy Division and New Order as inspirations, its fantastic to have the real deal back and on such blistering form.

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  • Eric Olsen

    cool Joe, thanks, “someone” should review it

  • Joe

    The video is available here. It’s not remarkable but it’s very elegant, like most of their videos.

  • Eric Olsen

    hey, if it’s true it isn’t bragging – thanks Bill!