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A legitimate educational experience?

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From the Indianapolis Star:

“A Westfield eighth-grader’s singing appearance during President Bush’s visit struck a sour note with school administrators who refused to treat her missed classes as an excused absence.

Brianna Tull won’t be allowed to make up any work or get credit for the classes she didn’t attend because she was singing with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir during Bush’s appearance Tuesday at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.”

That is so cute. Very few things would constitute better legitimate reason for a couple of hours out of school than going to sing for the president. It’s probably valuable to hear what the POTUS has to say, even if you personally think he’s a dirtball.

This would seem to reflect either a ridiculously inflamed case of bureaucratic arthritis or, more likely, bitter liberal stupidity. Somehow I strongly suspect that if young Miss Brianna were going to see Jesse Jackson or join some lame-ass peace march, it would have somehow turned out to have been a legitimate educational experience indeed meriting extra credit.

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  • Clearly should have been excused, barring some bizarre circumstances that aren’t explained here.

    I’d lean to bureaucratic timidity and somebody who isn’t willing to bend a rule.

    Call me an optimist, but I’ll expect this to be overturned.