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A Knife In The Back. A Cry For Help!

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Another very popular section on my blog is the weekly letter, sent in by my loyal readers. It is usually a work inspired horror story passed on to you in an effort to save you from a similar fate. I call these real life experiences:BACKSTAB(s) OF THE WEEK. Here is a beauty from my archieves…..read, learn, share, and most of all stab.


Alas, another week has passed in offices around the world, and even more people have been victimized by the system of Evil Office Politics. The short letter below is a definite example of the term “backstab”, and I feel is an all too often occurrence. Remember: if you have a story that fits into this site, email me and maybe I’ll post your sad story and even give you a t-shirt in return….maybe. Here’s this weeks Evil lesson….

To Evil Office Politics:

I really enjoy your site, all the lessons and stories are a great eye opener to what really goes on in the office. It’s just too bad I didn’t know of it sooner, because I was the victim of a bad backstab just recently and I would like to tell you about it. Maybe someone will learn from my mistake.

It was a month into my new job, with a mid-sized ad company, when my supervisor asked me into his office. He told me that he liked my work habits, and asked me if I would help him on a “secret project”. I agreed to help even though I thought it was a weird request.

He asked me to brainstorm with him on some new campaign ideas for a potential client. He said that if we were to land this client, we would both be promoted to bigger and better positions. Needless to say, I was very eager to prove myself. This is what I went to school for, and this was my big chance to make a name for myself.

After a couple weeks of sleepless nights, and countless hours, I came up with a few great ideas. One idea I thought was perfect. My boss was also floored by the idea, and instantly agreed that this would be the one to land this high profile client. All he had to do now was to set up a meeting, with one of the company owners, and we would be off to the races.

He called me into his office the next day, and said that the meeting was to be that afternoon but that I could not attend as the owner did not have time for a prolonged presentation, he only wanted the gist of it. I understood, who was I to get in with the owner after only a couple months? My boss asked me for my laptop, well their laptop I was supplied with, because it had all the material already prepared on it.

The end of the day came and went without me talking to my boss. The next day I managed to get into his office, even though he was too busy to talk to me. I asked for my laptop back, so I could get my work done, and he said there was a problem with it and he had to give it to our tech department. He assured me that it would be given back by the end of the day.

It was given back, but all of my campaign information was gone! Wiped off the hard drive completely! I asked my boss what happened and he said the hard drive had crashed during his talk with the owner, and he couldn’t get it back. It was now I thought something was up. I asked him how everything went, he said it was not really what the owners wanted and passed on the idea.

A month later, I was in the staff room and I heard someone saying that the company had just landed a huge client and that my boss was being put in charge of the campaign. By now you have guessed what happened. I was lied to, my idea was used, and my name was never brought up. I tried talking to one of the owners, but was met with disbelief and some annoyance. He asked me for proof but the only proof I had was on my laptop, and that was wiped clean. I was then told that the company does not employ liars, or unprofessional trouble makers, and I was immediately let go.

Needless to say, I couldn’t do anything about it. I had no proof. My boss screwed me for a great job, a large increase in salary, and no evidence of his backstab. I was royally messed over. It took me a long time to get another job since my new “reputation for lying” had preceded any interview I had in the field.

I am still bitter now, but I have learned to cover my ass in everything I do. I hope anyone reading this will learn to do the same.


(name withheld)

Backstabber’s reply: Evil, truly evil! Your boss should have a column on this site. This is a classic move that has been in service since the first time man created fire. Everyone wants to take credit for work they didn’t do, you are one of millions who have been given the golden back hand. My advice for everyone is to take heed of this tale and always, I SAID ALWAYS, have control over your ideas. This means documenting your work in several ways, be it email, hard copy, or electronic signature on all your work. Just be warned!!!! In almost all cases, any idea created in the work environment may belong to the company–check your contract–they may already have you over a barrel. So if you’re gonna think—-don’t think at work.

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